WATCH: USPS worker’s reunion with Howard County boy he found along I-95

“God just put me in the right place at the right time,” said a U.S. Postal Service employee when he was reunited this week with the Howard County, Maryland, boy he found cold and shivering on the side of Interstate 95.

Keith Rollins was driving on I-95 on the morning of Feb. 6 when he spotted 2-year-old Ethan Adeyemi on the side of the road.

The night before, Adeyemi had followed a family member out of an Elkridge house, and family members called police when they could not immediately find him.

By the time Rollins found Adeyemi, the young boy had been missing overnight for almost 10 hours, and more than 100 officers, along with members of the Howard County fire department and volunteers, had been looking for him.

Rollins wrapped the boy in a blanket and kept him inside his truck until police arrived.

“Wasn’t even paying attention, wasn’t even thinking about it, and just happened to look over that way and saw him … just by God,” Rollins told the people in the reunion, which included Adeyemi’s family and more than a dozen members of Howard County police.

Watch a video of their reunion below.

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