A 6-year-old girl found a note at the grocery store with a surprise tucked inside

Daphne Kenny, 6, found a special note at the grocery store that had $100 inside.

Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs are the typical items you’d expect to find in the cereal aisle. Then there’s the note 6-year-old Daphne Kenny found at a grocery store in California, and the money tucked inside.

Daphne was strolling with her mom through a Raley’s Supermarket in Sacramento, when the routine trip turned into an unforgettable one.

Daphne’s mom, Danica, thought the random piece of paper her daughter found just laying on a shelf was someone’s grocery list. But she quickly realized there was something else inside.

“It was a note that said, ‘Whoever finds this, I love you,’ with a hundred dollar bill,” Danica told CNN of the exciting find. “I thought, ‘Could this be a fake?’ But I worked at a bank so I’ve seen counterfeits before and it looked real!”

Daphne, just 6, didn’t comprehend the amount of money she had just found.

“To her a penny is the same as a $100 bill,” Danica said. “So I told her you found $100 and I told her that it was a lot of money.”

Danica admitted that she considered keeping it for herself — but ultimately let Daphne keep the money and use it for what she wanted.

As many kids of that age would tell you, that could only mean one thing.

Daphne took the $100 to the wonderful land of Build-a-Bear.

“She’d have more fun with it. I would have just put it towards groceries. I don’t think I would have appreciated it to the level that she did,” Danica said. She bought two plush cats and named them both after her real cat, Steamy. She puts them into their pajamas every night and tucks them into bed, her mother said.

Danica hopes this experience will provide a greater lesson for Daphne.

“I hope it makes her think how her actions can affect other people and that even something small can make somebody happy,” Danica said.

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