EU official against cutting Russia gas ties

Report: senior EU official opposes cutting back on Russian gas soon but sees need to diversify

Updated 00 minutes, 10 seconds ago

Delay won't quell 2014 wrangling over Keystone XL

Latest delay to Keystone XL pipeline review won't quell political wrangling in 2014 races

Updated 00 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Health care site flagged in Heartbleed review users told to change passwords after government's Heartbleed probe

Updated 00 minutes, 21 seconds ago

Asia seeks Obama's assurance in territorial spats

Against backdrop of Ukraine crisis, Asia seeks Obama's assurances in land disputes with China

Updated 02 minutes, 05 seconds ago

At barricades, Ukraine insurgents await Easter

East Ukraine insurgents prepare for Easter, fortify barricades

Updated 02 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Scenes from the never-dull Clinton White House

Inside the Clinton White House: Tending egos and using words of war in immigration debate

Updated 02 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Mixed feelings for Garcia Marquez in hometown

Garcia Marquez's death brings back conflicted relationship with his native Colombia

Updated 04 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Student fought bureaucrats for Holocaust justice

College student fought Dutch bureaucrats to obtain justice for Amsterdam Holocaust survivors

Updated 05 minutes, 42 seconds ago

4 French journalists held hostage in Syria freed

France's presidency: 4 French journalists held hostage in Syria since June have been freed

Updated 05 minutes, 52 seconds ago

National energy boom blurs political battle lines

National energy boom blurs traditional Democratic-Republican battle lines across the country

Updated 07 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Hawaii is genetically engineered crop flash point

Hawaii, a critical spot for modern US corn, becomes flash point in genetic engineering debate

Updated 14 minutes, 14 seconds ago

Nigeria preacher: Healer or controversial leader?

Nigeria preacher advising presidents is humble healer to some, controversial leader to others

Updated 24 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Shedding light on Clinton's health overhaul flop

A look into Clinton-era health care struggle finds parallels with Obama's later burdens

Updated 30 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Time not on side of Russia-Ukraine detente deal

WASHINGTON NOTEBOOK: Clock ticking on tentative Geneva agreement for Russia-Ukraine detente

Updated 30 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Egypt's censorship board head resigns in film spat

Head of Egypt's censorship board resigns after dispute over showing bombshell's steamy film

Updated 42 minutes, 06 seconds ago

In '1971,' an analog precursor to NSA, Snowden

In surveillance documentary '1971,' an analog precursor to NSA, Snowden revelations

Updated 42 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Obama: Easter a time to reflect on hope, renewal

In Easter message, Obama encourages Americans to recommit to loving their neighbors

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Analysis: Hoping legislative defeats boost turnout

Analysis: Both parties hope to boost turnout this fall with doomed legislation

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Obama signs bill aimed at blocking Iran's UN envoy

Obama signs legislation aimed at blocking Iran's choice as UN ambassador from entering US

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Range showdown draws armed supporters to Nevada

Showdown over state, federal land rights draws armed supporters to Nevada rancher's camp

Saturday - 04/19/2014, 11:50am EDT
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