US to begin safety testing Ebola vaccine next week

Feds: US testing of Ebola vaccine for safety to start next week with 20 healthy patients

Updated 00 minutes, 19 seconds ago

5 things to know about earthquake faults

5 things to know about earthquake faults in California

Updated 00 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Survey: Americans' pessimism on economy has grown

Survey: Americans more anxious about economy now than immediately after Great Recession ended

Updated 00 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Last Call: Pluto-bound craft crosses Neptune orbit

Pluto-bound spacecraft crosses orbit of Neptune on 25th anniversary of Voyager 2 Neptune flyby

Updated 00 minutes, 48 seconds ago

Gun company cuts ties with reality TV star

Firearms company cuts ties with 'Sons of Guns' reality TV star after his arrest on rape charge

Updated 04 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Gun tourism grows in popularity in recent years

Uzi killing in Arizona displays tragic side of gun tourism as it grows in popularity

Updated 12 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Woman unearths past of forgotten Indian cemetery

Arizona historian works to unearth the past of a long-neglected Indian cemetery

Updated 16 minutes, 24 seconds ago

Omaha police bullet kills 'Cops' film crew member

'Cops' TV crew member hit by Omaha police bullet is 1st to be killed while recording police

Updated 16 minutes, 30 seconds ago

University bets $10 million on poor city's kids

Hometown university offering free tuition, extra help to kids from poor Pennsylvania city

Updated 16 minutes, 36 seconds ago

Q&A: Few laws govern children at shooting range

Q&A: Review following instructor's death shows few laws govern children at shooting range

Updated 16 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Day 3 of big waves expected in Southern California

Huge waves pound coastal communities in Southern California

Updated 21 minutes, 40 seconds ago

3 ways insurers can discourage sick from enrolling

3 moves health insurers can still make to help steer sick patients away from their plans

Updated 22 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Woman dead after being hit by bus at Burning Man

Woman dead after being hit by bus at Burning Man counterculture festival in Nevada

Updated 24 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Cash versus credit: Report looks at how people pay for smaller purchases

For most Americans, cash is king when it comes to small purchases, but a new report finds that younger spenders are leaning toward using plastic for purchases.

Updated 29 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Cowabunga! Storm sends big waves to California

Cowabunga! Hurricane-spawned waves pound Southern California; surfers hit the water

Updated 56 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Disaster ranking: Emporia ranked nation's fifth safest place

When it comes to national disasters, the safest county in the nation is in Montana.

Updated 1 hours, 01 minutes ago

Feds protect 20 species of coral as threatened

Feds give 20 species of colorful coral in Atlantic and Pacific protection as threatened

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Quake is major test for hard-luck California city

California earthquake marks first major test of hard-luck city of Vallejo after bankruptcy

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

UN panel: Global warming human-caused, dangerous

Global warming already dangerous, risks being irreversible, says new UN global warming report

Updated 1 hours, 02 minutes ago

Hackerspaces help techies turn ideas into reality

Hackerspaces let would-be inventors work together to change the world_ or just make cool stuff

Updated 1 hours, 34 minutes ago
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