Cleveland to release video of boy shot by officer

Cleveland police to release video of 12-year-old boy shot by officer; child had airsoft gun

Updated 08 minutes, 02 seconds ago

Inclement weather affecting Thanksgiving travelers

Northeast Thanksgiving travelers face flight cancellations, delays amid wintry forecast

Updated 08 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Guard reinforcements contain damage in Ferguson

Guard reinforcements help contain damage from latest Ferguson protests; Wilson breaks silence

Updated 08 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Brown's mother: Ferguson decision 'heartbreaking'

Brown's mom: Grand jury decision 'heartbreaking,' Wilson's description of her son insulting

Updated 08 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Developers look to create underground NYC park

Inspired by NYC's High Line, plans in the works to create underground park called the Lowline

Updated 09 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Prosecutor faces new criticism over Ferguson case

Prosecutor faces renewed criticism over decision to call grand jury in Ferguson shooting

Updated 09 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Ferguson officer says he never wanted to kill

Ferguson officer Wilson says he's sorry about Brown's death but followed his training that day

Updated 09 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Ohio bill seeks extra retail pay on Thanksgiving

Ohio bill seeks triple pay for retail workers on Thanksgiving as Macy's makes working optional

Updated 09 minutes, 33 seconds ago

A glance at Ferguson: Then, now and the future

Ferguson: Then, now and what might lie ahead with grand jury's decision not to indict officer

Updated 09 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Ferguson protesters across US peaceful, disruptive

Protesters across US both peaceful, disruptive on 2nd day of rallies after Ferguson decision

Updated 11 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Facing health law hikes, consumers mull options

Premiums for many popular plans are going up. How will consumers react?

Updated 14 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Helium: It gives NYC's Thanksgiving parade a lift

A few uplifting facts about helium, which makes big balloons soar in NYC's Thanksgiving parade

Updated 22 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Mexican boy who had massive tumor recovering

Mexican boy who had massive tumor recovering but faces months of therapy

Updated 25 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Grand jury focused on key fatal Ferguson 'tussle'

Ferguson grand jurors heard much testimony about key 'tussle' at police officer's vehicle

Updated 28 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Thanksgiving travel woes? There's an app for that

Your phone can help you map and app your way through Thanksgiving roads, rails and skies

Updated 1 hours, 18 minutes ago

Automakers aim to drive away car computer hackers

As computer hackers show cars can be commandeered, feds and automakers aim to block threats

Updated 1 hours, 18 minutes ago

Black Friday gun buys test background check system

Gun sales slip through as Black Friday shopping burdens the nation's background check system

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:10am EST

Arkansas, Mississippi gay marriage bans overturned

Gay marriage bans in Arkansas, Mississippi stuck down by federal judges; both pending appeals

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:02am EST

Rain, snow could mess up Thanksgiving travel

Snow, slush and rain in the Northeast could slow millions of Thanksgiving travelers

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 06:10am EST

Missouri governor: More National Guard in Ferguson

Missouri governor: More than 2,200 National Guardsmen will be in Ferguson area tonight

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 04:50am EST
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