Poland votes in local elections

Poland votes in local ballots considered test for main parties ahead of 2015 general election

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 04:46pm EST

Fire destroys meat plant in northern Spain

Fire destroys large meat producing plant in northern Spain and closes nearby highway

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 04:40pm EST

Putin: Western sanctions could backfire

Putin says the sanctions against Russia could hurt Western businesses and Ukraine

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:54am EST

Turkey's Erdogan: Muslims discovered Americas

Turkey's Erdogan: Muslims discovered Americas 3 centuries before Christopher Columbus

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 11:39am EST

UK's Cameron condemns Islamic State as 'depraved'

Britain's David Cameron condemns Islamic State group as 'depraved' in wake of latest video

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 10:12am EST

Man blows himself up after family feud in Germany

Police: Man commits suicide with bomb after family feud in a German village

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 09:10am EST

Battered, Greece faces years to recoup recession

Greece finally emerges from recession, leaving a battered society behind

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 08:30am EST

Italian freed in Libya 8 months after kidnapping

Italian engineer who was abducted while working in Libya in March is freed and back in Italy

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 08:10am EST

Landslide in Switzerland kills 2, injures 4

Swiss police: landslide kills 2, injures 4, others missing

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 06:50am EST

With Saint Nick's entry comes racial controversy

Dutch police arrest dozens of protesters amid unrest over Saint Nicholas' sidekick, Black Pete

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:12am EST

Russian TV claims it has photo of downing of MH17

Russian TV says photo shows Ukrainian fighter downed Malaysian plane; US rejects that claim

Sunday - 11/16/2014, 01:00am EST

Toys talk to kids about Velvet Revolution

Former students, now parents, use animated toys to explain 1989 Velvet Revolution to children

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 11:08pm EST

Greenpeace: 4 activists hurt off Canary Islands

Greenpeace says Spanish navy injured 4 of its activists during protest off Canary Islands

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 04:59pm EST

Ukraine suspends state services in rebel-held east

Ukraine to cease providing government services to eastern regions under separatist control

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 04:40pm EST

Georgians protest Russia-Abkhazia province deal

Thousands rally in Georgian capital against Russia's deal with separatist province of Abkhazia

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 02:30pm EST

1 missing as heavy rains drench water-logged Italy

New flash floods drench water-logged north-central Italy, 1 man reported missing

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 02:30pm EST

Archaeologists dig at ancient site near Syrian war

Archaeologists dig at site of ancient city near Islamic State-controlled territory in Syria

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 12:18pm EST

Far-right leader praises Serbia's ties with Russia

War crimes suspect tells thousands of supporters that Serbia must choose Russia over the EU

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 10:55am EST

Russian troops hold drills in Serbia

Russian troops hold drills in Serbia as Kremlin seeks more influence in Balkans

Saturday - 11/15/2014, 03:54am EST

Eurozone's paltry growth rate nudges up

Eurozone economy grew meager 0.2 percent in Q3 as France rebounds and Greek recession over

Friday - 11/14/2014, 10:16pm EST
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