What is known about plane crash in Ukraine

What is known about the crash of Malaysian jetliner in Ukraine

Friday - 07/18/2014, 01:14am EDT

Ukraine: 295 on Malaysia plane shot down over east

Official: Malaysian passenger plane carrying 295 people shot down over Ukraine

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 08:19pm EDT

Airbus beats Boeing in airshow orders race

Airbus gets orders worth almost twice as much as Boeing's during key airshow event

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 07:14pm EDT

Putin: US sanctions hurt bilateral ties, US firms

Russia's Putin: New US sanctions drive bilateral relations into a corner, hurt US firms too

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 06:26pm EDT

French train collision leaves 25 injured

French train collision near southwestern city of Pau leaves 25 injured

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Fiat denies merger talks with VW

Italy's Fiat denies media report of merger talks with Volkswagen aimed at Chrysler takeover

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 03:11pm EDT

UK judge: IRA fugitive letters flawed, not illegal

Judge: British letters to IRA fugitives not 'get out of jail free card'

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 02:38pm EDT

Top American spy in Germany has left country

Top American spy in Germany has left country, complying with government request

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 02:20pm EDT

European ruling: Russia court cages violate rights

European court: Russia violated rights of suspects by putting them in metal cages for trial

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Pope schedules back-to-back trips to Naples area

Pope schedules back-to-back trips to Naples area, one official and one private

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 12:39pm EDT

Ukraine: Air Force jet downed by Russian missile

Ukraine: Air Force jet shot down by air-to-air missile from Russian plane; rebels hit 2nd jet

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 12:16pm EDT

Greek extremist shootout triggers mass search

Greek extremist shootout triggers mass search for other militant suspects

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 10:24am EDT

Terrorism: France to redeploy its troops in Africa

France reorganizes its 3,000 troops in northwest Africa to better fight terrorism

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 09:54am EDT

German ex-lawmaker faces child porn charges

Prominent German lawmaker who quit earlier this year charged with possessing child porn

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 09:38am EDT

Merkel kicks off 60th with impromptu serenade

Germany's Merkel gets more-or-less musical start to 60th birthday with serenade from reporter

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 05:48am EDT

EU leaders order tougher sanctions against Russia

European Union leaders order escalation of sanctions on Russia over actions in Ukraine

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 05:42am EDT

Urban warfare feared in Ukraine fighting

Urban warfare feared in Ukraine as insurgents hunker down in cities; relatives are sent away

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 03:08am EDT

EU horse-trading for bloc's new top diplomat fails

EU leaders fail to agree on candidate for the bloc's new foreign policy chief, other top jobs

Thursday - 07/17/2014, 12:02am EDT

Court: Dutch liable for 300 Srebrenica deaths

Court: Dutch liable for 300 Srebrenica massacre deaths in 1995, but not for thousands more

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 06:42pm EDT

Paris bans pro-Palestinian protest amid tensions

Paris police ban pro-Palestinian protest amid tension in France around Gaza violence

Wednesday - 07/16/2014, 06:01pm EDT
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