4 journalists win Livingston reporting awards

Journalists from Star-Ledger, Journal Sentinel, New York Times Magazine win Livingston Awards

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 07:30pm EDT

Federal views diverge on proper use of painkillers

Medical debate over painkiller prescribing reflected in federal agency dialogue

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 07:30pm EDT

Hearing probes jail violence, mental health care

Lawmakers question officials on violence levels, mental health care in NYC jails

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 06:39pm EDT

Reservation hopes for results from Obama's visit

Native Americans say Obama's visit to Indian Country an honor, hope for results, not rhetoric

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 06:19pm EDT

Man charged in Detroit mom's death; kids missing

Husband arrested in Georgia is charged in Detroit woman's death; 2 kids still missing

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 06:02pm EDT

Shark bites teen off Delaware coast

A teen boy was bitten by a shark Monday off Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware.

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 05:28pm EDT

Woman who drove with dying man on car gets prison

Substance abuse counselor who drove with dying man on windshield gets 55 years to life

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 05:05pm EDT

Perry discusses view of homosexuality

Texas' Perry makes refers to alcoholism to explain view of homosexuality

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Fla. court asked to keep ex-FBI agent's conviction

Fla. court asked to reinstate ex-FBI agent's conviction in 'Whitey' Bulger mob-related killing

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Texas home is falling piece-by-piece into lake below (Video)

A house overlooking Texas' Lake Whitney starts to fall into the water and police are unsure if or when the rest will collapse.

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 11:30am EDT

Suspect's friends puzzle over Oregon shooting

Oregon school shooting suspect fascinated with guns but was a devoted Mormon, his friends say

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 11:01am EDT

Long waits at the VA for mental health care

Long waits persist for vets seeking mental health care at VA medical centers

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 10:02am EDT

How vulnerable are government sites to hackers?

John Solomon, Washington Times

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 09:52am EDT


Tea party candidates try to build on Cantor loss

Buoyed by Cantor loss, GOP insurgents in Mississippi, elsewhere, look for their own victories

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 07:38am EDT

Dream jobs include water-slide tester, beer drinker

People get paid for that?!? Check out some of the dream jobs around the world.

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 04:34am EDT

Feds: NYC strippers drugged, stole from rich men

Feds: New York City strippers drugged wealthy men, siphoned money from their credit cards

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 04:34am EDT

Groups allege abuse of child immigrants at border

Groups allege widespread abuse of children at US border facilities amid surge of crossings

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 04:28am EDT

Families remember US soldiers killed in airstrike

Soldiers from Illinois, Ohio, California, Washington among 5 killed by friendly fire

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 03:32am EDT

Woman jailed over truancy fines found dead in cell

Woman sentenced to 2 days for truancy fines dies in jail; judge says it was his only option

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 02:40am EDT

Driver pleads not guilty in Morgan crash

Officials look at work commute in accident that injured Tracy Morgan; driver pleads not guilty

Thursday - 06/12/2014, 02:11am EDT
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