Houston-area family rescues dog with jug on head

Houston-area family rescues puppy that for weeks had head stuck in plastic jug

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 09:10am EST

Heirloom ring flushed; sewer workers retrieve it

Flushed, but not without success: Diligent sewer workers restore heirloom ring to Oregon woman

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 08:32am EST

Putin's tiger ravages goat farm in northeast China

Putin's tiger ravages goat farm in northeast China; farmer to be compensated

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 04:56am EST

Turkey's great escape foils my Thanksgiving plans

Our plans to serve a farm-fresh turkey are foiled when she makes a great escape

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 04:12am EST

Putin's tiger ravages goat farm in northeast China

Putin's tiger ravages goat farm in northeast China; farmer to be compensated

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 10:42pm EST

Ohio family recovers missing Sasquatch statue

Southwest Ohio family recovers missing 400-pound concrete Sasquatch statue

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 07:40pm EST

In Seattle, tofu turkeys get Thanksgiving pardons

Seattle mayor pardons tofu turkey for Thanksgiving to draw attention to hunger in community

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 02:48pm EST

Los Angeles freeway sign unveiled with typo

Los Angeles freeway sign that misspelled Olympic Boulevard as 'Olimpic' stirs social media

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 01:34pm EST

Iowa woman locked up after locked out of home

Police: Iowa woman locked out of apartment arrested after re-entry reveals pot plants inside

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 11:50am EST

Police: Facebook posts of stolen guns spur arrest

Police: New Mexico man posts photos of stolen guns on Facebook, which victim spotted

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 10:48am EST

Auction fetches $28K for 1st batch of new bourbon

New Kentucky whiskey producer makes splash with auction, fetching $28K for 1st bourbon bottle

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 10:28am EST

Joey Chestnut devours turkey to win eating contest

Joey Chestnut devours whole bird to win turkey-eating contest at Foxwoods casino, wins $5,000

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 08:46pm EST

City's 'ugly' Christmas tree prompts public outcry

O Tannenbummer: Public complaints prompt city officials to replace 'ugly' Christmas tree

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 07:14pm EST

Ethiopia hopes to set world record for HIV tests

Ethiopia hopes to set world record for number of HIV tests in a day in honor of World AIDS Day

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 03:00pm EST

Polish town opposes Pooh Bear for unclear gender

Polish town opposes Winnie-the-Pooh for dubious gender, immodest clothing

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:34pm EST

UMaine fans fail to set world record for flannel

UMaine football fans fail to break world record for having the most people wearing flannel

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:34pm EST

Lost New Mexico kitten ends up in Maine

Furry mystery: New Mexico woman's kitten that ran away on Halloween somehow ends up in Maine

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 09:40am EST

Seagull with dart through neck spotted at park

Seagull with dart through neck spotted in Washington; bird can fly and has evaded capture

Monday - 11/24/2014, 11:38am EST

Ex-state worker charged with stealing 610 helmets

Former Pennsylvania state warehouse employee charged with stealing 610 surplus combat helmets

Monday - 11/24/2014, 10:48am EST

Cops: Naked suspect assaults man, 84, at airport

Police: Naked man crashes through ceiling at Logan Airport restroom, then attacks elderly man

Monday - 11/24/2014, 09:20am EST
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