Tranquilizer dart ends black bear's school visit

Black bear will be returned to the wild after tranquilizer dart ends visit to Idaho school

Saturday - 09/27/2014, 02:22pm EDT

Harpist's mellow tone soothes apes at St. Paul zoo

Harpist strums for gorillas, orangutans; finds appreciative audience at St. Paul zoo

Saturday - 09/27/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Driver accused of abandoning chicken truck found

Idaho authorities find driver accused of abandoning chicken trailer to rot at truck stop

Saturday - 09/27/2014, 02:54am EDT

Man who raised $55K is throwing potato salad party

Ohio man who generated $55K from crowdfunding site to make potato salad is throwing huge party

Friday - 09/26/2014, 03:18pm EDT

Texas firefighters rescue pet frog from blaze

Texas firefighters rescue pet frog from blaze that damaged house; homeowners out of town

Friday - 09/26/2014, 11:00am EDT

Another snake seized from man arrested with python

Second snake seized from pedicab driver arrested with python around his neck in San Diego

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:26am EDT

Rescued turtle heading to new home in San Diego

Rescued loggerhead turtle leaving Florida Keys for new home in San Diego - via FedEx

Friday - 09/26/2014, 04:16am EDT

Donkeys reunited at Polish zoo after sex scandal

Amorous donkeys reunited at Polish zoo after their mating sparked protest, separation

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 02:34pm EDT

Boston time capsule believed found in lion statue

Time capsule believed found in lion statue at old Massachusetts State House

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 01:44pm EDT

Teacher who talked of killer robots resigned

California teacher resigned after being investigated for talking about killer robots in class

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Erotica chain to sell goods to pay back taxes

Chain of adult stores to sell sex toys online to pay back taxes to state of Kansas

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 10:50am EDT

Prosecutors: Texas man used cocaine to buy votes

Prosecutors say South Texas man provided cocaine to secure votes in school board elections

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 10:00am EDT

One-shot music video animates with Apple devices (Video)

A new music video is using Apple to create art.

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 09:52am EDT

Idaho woman charged with felony over chewed seat

Idaho woman faces felony after deputies say she chewed seat of patrol car

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 08:00am EDT

Ellen DeGeneres has fun with McConaughey's Lincoln ad (Video)

Ellen DeGeneres recently showed her "original" version of the commercial.

Thursday - 09/25/2014, 06:38am EDT

Ohio college president backs skunk safety

Miami U president supports skunk safety, accepts PETA offer for posters after stuck-can case

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 10:10pm EDT

Cannon backfires at Fort McHenry in Baltimore

Cannon backfires, shoots 100-pound metal mound, at Fort McHenry after bicentennial celebration

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 08:41pm EDT

Police deliver pie after Pizza Hut driver hurt

Police officers deliver the pie after Pizza Hut driver is injured in Oregon crash

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 07:42pm EDT

Charges dropped against homeless man in suite

Charges dropped against homeless man found in Pennsylvania hotel presidential suite

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 04:58pm EDT

Illinois city marks birthday with mega bratwurst

Illinois city grills up 200-foot bratwurst to celebrate birthday; did 100-foot trial run

Wednesday - 09/24/2014, 02:50pm EDT
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