Courtesy Berkeley Plantation

Virginia’s forgotten thanksgiving story

During a visit to WTOP earlier this week, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe proudly claimed that Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County held the first thanksgiving celebration in 1619. Is that true? Well ...

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Mother who left baby in church manger won't be charged

A mother who left her newborn baby in a Christmas manger inside a New York City church will not be prosecuted, authorities said Wednesday.

Pope says Christian-Muslim dialogue essential for peace

Pope Francis met with a group of Kenya’s faith leaders before celebrating his first public Mass on the continent, a celebration attended by tens of thousands, including Kenya’s president.

Ads featuring Nazi imagery pulled from New York City subway

Seats on the 42nd Street shuttle between Times Square and Grand Central Terminal were wrapped in Nazi regalia to promote an Amazon video series called “The Man in the High Castle.”

Police on lookout for underage drinkers this season

Now that the holidays are here, police in Montgomery County, Maryland are stepping up enforcement to prevent drunken driving crashes.

Freebies for the 2015 holiday season

WTOP put together a list of free events and offers available now through December to enjoy yourself, and help entertain your out-of-town visitors.

Presto’s Picks: I thought turkeys could fly…

Three months ago Virginia Tech, Maryland and Virginia each had high hopes for 2015. Instead, one coach is fired and another is retired while the third is patenting his "twisting in the wind" moves.

Past IRS commissioners: Enough with the budget cuts

Former IRS heads are telling Congress that after five straight years of budget cuts, enough is enough.

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