Minnesota enacts 1st law on cellphone disabling

Minnesota enacts nation's 1st law requiring smartphone disabling capability as theft deterrent

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 07:19pm EDT

FCC revising Internet rules after public backlash

FCC revising open Internet rules after public backlash over proposed fast-lane service

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 05:38pm EDT

Yahoo snaps up the mobile messaging app Blink

Yahoo acquires self-destructing mobile messaging app Blink

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Indonesia bans video sharing site for nudity

Indonesia bans video sharing site Vimeo for nudity content

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Group sues UK eavesdropping agency over hacking

British rights group sues UK eavesdropping agency GCHQ over hacking of computers, smartphones

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Little light shines bright (Video)

Luci is a solar-powered, compact L.E.D. light billed as a handy tool for campers or for emergencies.

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 12:27pm EDT

Fed govt failed to inspect higher risk oil wells

Investigators: Fed govt failed to inspect thousands of oil and gas wells amid energy boom

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 11:44am EDT

European court ruling redefines 'Googling' people

Google faces thorny issues after European court embraces people's 'right to be forgotten'

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 11:10am EDT

Oracle wants $1.3 billion SAP verdict reinstated

Oracle asks federal appeals court to reinstate $1.3 billion SAP copyright infringement verdict

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 09:20am EDT

A look at the European Court ruling on Google

Questions and answers over the European Court ruling on Google and the 'right to be forgotten'

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 08:20am EDT

UN debates future ban on killer robots

UN meeting mulls pre-emptive strike against killer robots

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 07:28am EDT

Apple CEO dares to be different from Steve Jobs

With pending Beats buy, Apple CEO Tim Cook makes break from managerial style of Steve Jobs

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 06:32am EDT

Jack White's new vinyl stocked with hidden tech treasures

Jack White's upcoming vinyl release will include several unexpected features, such as creating a hologram while the record spins.

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 04:09am EDT

Let the sun shine in _ on White House solar panels

Solar panels now installed on White House roof; power intended to heat first family's water

Wednesday - 05/14/2014, 01:20am EDT

Uruguay: Prisoner hacks US ambassador's cellphone

Uruguay says inmate hacks into US ambassador's cellphone from jail in attempted fraud

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Facebook founder sued over real estate deal

Real estate developer sues Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over California property deal

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 05:40pm EDT

NY court upholds online impersonator charges

Top New York court upholds misdemeanor convictions for online impersonator who mocked scholars

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 03:41pm EDT

Nintendo apologizes for lack of virtual equality

Nintendo apologizes for lack of equality in life simulator game; promises more inclusiveness

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 02:04pm EDT

BlackBerry launches new smartphone for Indonesia

BlackBerry launches new Z3 smartphone designed specifically for Indonesia

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 10:30am EDT

Court sides with US in cell-tracking records case

Appeals court: US doesn't need to turn over records of acquitted in cellphone tracking cases

Tuesday - 05/13/2014, 08:48am EDT
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