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Metro didn't inspect fans in year before fatal smoke

There is no evidence that required tests of Metro tunnel ventilation fans were actually completed in the year before a fire filled a Yellow Line train with deadly smoke despite Metro records showing that employees had signed off on the inspections multiple times.

Former NTSB chair says Metro safety lapse was ‘absolutely insane’  | Connolly blasts Metro’s ‘systemic failure’ in rail fire | Fed: Poor maintenance led to fatal Metro fire, smoke | NTSB: Alexandria woman didn’t have to die from Yellow Line smoke
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Chimp victim's body rejecting face transplant

Charla Nash had been taking part in an experiment, funded by the military, that could help those needing transplants after returning from war.

500-euro bill, beloved by money launderers, is discontinued

The 500-euro bill is being discontinued amid concerns that the big banknote has become too handy.

A 1965 Mustang and a 2015 Mustang, side by side

You can see — and sit in — the interior of an original 1965 Ford Mustang next to the interior of the Mustang’s 2015 incarnation, side-by-side at a local museum.

Marijuana makes splash in baking industry

Move over, kale. There’s a new leafy green rising to fame in the food world — but you won’t be able to find it at your local grocery store.

The Avalon Theatre hosts Hitchcock/Truffaut Festival

Here's your chance to watch movie masterpieces and raise money for D.C.'s oldest movie theatre. Check out the four-day schedule for the movies and see clips from them.

As Trump wins, Clinton explores ways to woo GOPers

The Democratic front-runner’s campaign believes Trump’s historically high unfavorable ratings and penchant for controversy may be enough to persuade GOP voters to get behind her bid.

OPM: Do good, hire a felon

If someone is going to be unqualified for a job for a criminal past, why should hiring entities wait until down the line and waste everybody’s time?

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