Don't Be Afraid to Pay a Premium, "Cheap" Can Always Get Cheaper

We're often victims of our own investing dogma. One of the most egregious articles of faith we follow is the insistence on certain metrics to back our bullishness. Example: A high-PE stock carries a bigger risk than one selling at a lower multiple. Here are three stocks that delivered big returns while selling at a premium.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:47am EDT

Fashion Brands Look to Capitalize on Emerging Markets

International expansion is now almost a necessity for growth of fashion retailers.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:42am EDT

Why Has Big Oil Struggled to Catch on to the Shale Boom?

There is one group of companies that hasn't had great success in shale so far, and they are the largest players in the game.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:37am EDT

Can Tesla Keep It Up?

Tesla Motors was one of last week's biggest winners.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:33am EDT

New Threat to Ag Biotech’s Impunity

A new coalition may have the clout to force USDA's hand on ag biotech oversight.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:31am EDT

Can off-Price Retail Continue to Flourish?

As the economy rebounds, will investors turn their backs on the off-price retailers they flocked to during the financial crisis?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:30am EDT

Can Green Mountain Coffee Keep It Up?

The Keurig company moved higher last week.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:25am EDT

Dow Futures Slip as Microsoft Hunts for a New Boss

The market looks set to stumble out of the gate this week.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:15am EDT

Why is this Company Losing While Peers are Winning?

Occidental seems to be lagging its peers in domestic production, should you be worried?

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:08am EDT

Affordable Drones Help Police and Firefighters

The AeroVironment Qube provides low-cost surveillance.

Monday - 08/26/2013, 03:03am EDT

Lowe's to Pay Next Dividend in November

The company matches its previous distribution.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 02:45pm EDT

The "New Normal" for the American Oil Industry

New drilling techniques are changing the way oil companies do business.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 02:30pm EDT

Baidu Takes Another Step Toward Mobile Success

How Baidu is creating value for third-party app developers and investors.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 02:15pm EDT

World Fuel Services Maintains Dividend

The company will again dispense $0.0375 per share.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 02:00pm EDT

The Next Victim of Digital Movies

The drive-in movie theater may soon be a faded bit of Americana.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 02:00pm EDT

5 of Last Week's Biggest Losers

These stocks suffered double-digit percentage declines last week.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 01:45pm EDT

At Comic-Con, More Proof of the iPad's Staying Power

180 million digital comics can’t lie.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 01:30pm EDT

5 of Last Week's Biggest Winners

These five stocks came through with double-digit gains last week.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 01:30pm EDT

DaVita Stock Split Brought Forward

The company's new shares will be distributed on September 6, two weeks earlier than originally planned.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 01:15pm EDT

The Dow's Dividend Aristocrat: Procter & Gamble

An in-depth look at Procter & Gamble, its history, its dividend, and how it may help you portfolio.

Sunday - 08/25/2013, 01:00pm EDT
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