Furor after Concordia captain gives seminar

Italian professor facing disciplinary action for inviting Concordia captain to give lecture

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 01:47pm EDT

Pressure on Renzi as economy contracts

Pressure on Renzi grows after disappointing economic data show Italy slips into recession

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 01:46pm EDT

Ukraine looms over European Central Bank meeting

Draghi to stress readiness to act, but ECB unlikely to add new stimulus measures Thursday

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 12:08pm EDT

UK parliamentary committee urges action on Gaza

UK parliamentary committee says travel and trade curbs on people of Gaza are not proportionate

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Report on Ukraine plane disaster delayed

Dutch Safety Board says preliminary report on Ukraine plane disaster delayed for weeks

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 11:30am EDT

127 kg of cocaine seized from Spanish naval ship

127 kg of cocaine seized from Spanish naval training ship, 3 detained

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 11:00am EDT

Turkey's lopsided presidential election campaign

One-sided, increasingly bitter campaign for Turkey's 1st direct presidential election

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 09:54am EDT

Fiat shares plunge over Chrysler merger worries

Fiat shares plunge as market worries that investor flight will derail Chrysler merger

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 09:38am EDT

Polish PM: risk grows of Russia entering Ukraine

Poland's prime minister sees growing risk of 'direct intervention' by Russia into Ukraine

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 09:20am EDT

Opposition accuses Turkish PM of 'hate crimes'

Turkey's Erdogan accused of inciting racial hatred for comment on Armenian descent

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 08:50am EDT

London mayor says he'll run for Parliament

London Mayor Boris Johnson says he'll run for Parliament, ending speculation about his future

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 08:33am EDT

Heavy rainfall causes floods in Bosnia

Heavy rainfall causes many Bosnians to leave flooded homes for the second time this year

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 07:30am EDT

UK bomb hoax suspect faces mental assessment

Qatar Airways bomb hoax suspect faces assessment under UK Mental Health Act

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 05:00am EDT

Migrants clash in France as camp tensions soar

Migrants clash in France as tensions soar in squalid camps near English channel

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 03:46am EDT

Underground misery at dank Ukraine bomb shelter

Residents huddle in dark, chilly bomb shelter as fighting closes in on major Ukrainian city

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 03:42am EDT

Ukraine fighting reaches rebel-held Donetsk

Ukraine fighting reaches rebel-held Donetsk with exchange of rocket fire; 1 woman killed

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 02:50am EDT

Russian tourists stranded abroad as crisis deepens

As cracks appear in Russian economy, collapse of tour operators leaves thousands stranded

Wednesday - 08/06/2014, 02:14am EDT

Rivals clash in Scottish independence debate

Rival politicians clash on whether Scotland should be independent

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 10:22pm EDT

Moldova asks Russia to withdraw troops

Moldova asks Russia to withdraw troops from separatist region after Russia criticizes Moldova

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 05:20pm EDT

Red ceramic poppies spill from Tower of London

Blood-red sea: Ceramic poppies spill from Tower of London moat to honor World War I dead

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 04:22pm EDT
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