In Somalia, a wives' tale delays measles treatment

Old wives' tale worsens measles, hinders care in Somalia outbreak, worrying health experts

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 09:18pm EDT

UN: Car bomb in N. Mali kills peacekeepers

UN: Car bomb in northern Mali kills peacekeepers as officials fear Islamic extremists' return

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 08:20pm EDT

C. African Republic: 21 killed in latest clashes

Central African Republic: 21 killed in latest clashes sparked by attack on Muslim men

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 04:58pm EDT

Liberia convicts 13 in cross-border attacks

Liberia convicts 13 men for cross-border raids targeting neighboring Ivory Coast

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 10:00am EDT

South Sudan: Transitional gov't due in 60 days

South Sudan president, rebel leader agree to complete talks on transitional gov't in 60 days

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 07:20am EDT

Africa's women entrepreneurs take the lead

More women in Africa start businesses, seizing independence, overcoming social barriers

Wednesday - 06/11/2014, 06:20am EDT

Mali rebel groups sign truce accord in Algeria

3 northern Mali rebel groups sign accord in Algeria promising peace talks with government

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Moderate Muslim leader killed in Kenya

Another prominent Muslim leader killed in Kenyan coastal city; this one seen as moderate

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Sierra Leone president fires deputy over mining

Sierra Leone president fires chief of staff over mining and logging agreements

Tuesday - 06/10/2014, 10:26am EDT

Nigerian gunmen kidnap 20 women in northeast

Suspected Boko Haram gunmen kidnap 20 women in northeast

Monday - 06/09/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Guinea opposition quits parliament, promises demos

Guinea opposition leaving parliament, threatening street demonstrations against government

Monday - 06/09/2014, 01:41pm EDT

Controversial Ugandan official may get UN post

Controversial Ugandan official may rise to presidency of the UN general assembly, drawing fire

Monday - 06/09/2014, 12:19pm EDT

Mother of stowaway Somali teen fears for life

Mother of stowaway Somali teen leaves Ethiopia refugee camp, says she fears for her life

Monday - 06/09/2014, 12:10pm EDT

South African president discharged from hospital

South African president discharged from a hospital after checkup following demanding schedule

Monday - 06/09/2014, 02:40am EDT

After Israel, African kids start afresh in Uganda

After leaving Israel, dozens of South Sudanese teenagers seek fresh start at Ugandan school

Sunday - 06/08/2014, 07:59am EDT

Official: 34 dead in east Congo after attack

Congo official: 34 dead, 27 wounded after attack by armed fighters

Sunday - 06/08/2014, 02:10am EDT

South African president in hospital for tests

Office of South African President Jacob Zuma says he is in a hospital for tests

Saturday - 06/07/2014, 11:01am EDT

Watchdog: Nigeria gov't interrupting newspapers

Media watchdog says Nigerian gov't disrupting distribution of several newspapers

Saturday - 06/07/2014, 10:40am EDT

Nigerian newspaper accuses military of harassment

Nigerian newspaper accuses military of harassment after publishing critical report

Friday - 06/06/2014, 05:20pm EDT

South African president takes a break

South Africa: President Jacob Zuma will take off a few days to recover from heavy schedule

Friday - 06/06/2014, 01:08pm EDT

Garry Kasparov aims for top chess job

Former champion Garry Kasparov makes another move, this time vying for top chess job

Friday - 06/06/2014, 12:38pm EDT

Hunger spreads in Somalia as militants block towns

Hunger and desperation spread in Somalia as militants set blockade of towns in need

Friday - 06/06/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Wearing disguise, Boko Haram slaughters hundreds

Disguised as Nigerian soldiers, Boko Haram militants kill hundreds of villagers in new attack

Friday - 06/06/2014, 03:08am EDT

Kenya: US Embassy increases defenses amid threat

US Embassy in Kenya takes defensive stance amid increased terror fears from al-Qaida group

Thursday - 06/05/2014, 11:47am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Muslims at C. African Republic church

AP PHOTOS: Hundreds of Muslims spend months sheltered at Central African Republic church

Thursday - 06/05/2014, 11:33am EDT
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