NRA begins pushback with Web ad criticizing Obama

In a sharp pushback against any new gun regulations, the National Rifle Association posted a Web video that labels President Barack Obama an "elitist hypocrite" for allowing his daughters to be protected by armed guards while not embracing a proposal for armed guards at all schools.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 11:12pm EST

Banderas, Dawson join Latino inaugural in DC

Antonio Banderas, Rosario Dawson and Marc Anthony are joining an A-list lineup of entertainers who will gather to celebrate Latino culture in Washington on the eve of President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 09:11pm EST

A closer look at the inauguration schedule

The schedule for the second Inaugural of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden:

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 08:57pm EST

AP-GfK poll: Rage over Conn. tragedy tops 9/11

Americans were angrier about last month's horrific school shooting in Connecticut than they were about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 07:12pm EST

Obama is flexing his leverage on debt, immigration

President Barack Obama is assembling an ambitious second-term agenda, pushing aggressively where he thinks he has political leverage but moving more cautiously on issues where he has less control.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 05:48pm EST

Episcopal priest chosen for inaugural benediction

The pastor of the Episcopal parish known as "the church of the presidents" will give the benediction at President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 04:22pm EST

Second presidential terms loaded with setbacks

Second presidential terms are never easy _ even for George Washington.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 03:40pm EST

Reaction to Obama's gun control proposals

President Barack Obama unveiled sweeping proposals to curb gun violence, including calls for Congress to pass universal background checks and an assault-weapons ban, plus 23 executive actions that don't require congressional approval. Quotes about the proposals:

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 03:11pm EST

Tight security, protests expected at inauguration

Tea party fervor has surged and waned in the past four years, Occupy encampments are long gone from parks in the nation's capital, and the crowd for President Barack Obama's second inauguration figures to be significantly smaller than the record-breaking turnout of 2009.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 02:46pm EST

White House calls NRA video repugnant, cowardly

The White House says a National Rifle Association video that makes reference to President Barack Obama's daughters is "repugnant and cowardly."

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 02:14pm EST

In letters, children ask Obama to change gun laws

Three days after six teachers and 20 students were killed by a rampaging gunman at a Connecticut elementary school, an 8-year-old Maryland boy pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote President Barack Obama, asking for "some changes in the laws with guns."

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 01:06pm EST

Obama taking 23 actions aimed at gun violence

President Barack Obama is taking 23 executive actions aimed at curbing gun violence that don't require congressional action, including measures to encourage schools to hire police officers, increase research on gun violence and improve efforts to prosecute gun crime.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 12:06pm EST

Obama seeks to enhance gun background checks

President Barack Obama is asking Congress to expand background checks on gun buyers to include private sales and is using his executive authority to increase the information available in data banks in the background check system. The White House calls background checks the most efficient and effective way to keep guns away from dangerous individuals.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 11:58am EST

How the AP-GfK poll on gun control was conducted

The Associated Press-GfK poll on gun control was conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications from Jan. 10-14. It is based on landline telephone and cellphone interviews with a nationally representative random sample of 1,004 adults. Interviews were conducted with 604 respondents on landline telephones and 400 on cellular telephones.

Wednesday - 01/16/2013, 03:04am EST

Obama signs bill expanding State Dept. rewards

President Barack Obama signed legislation into law Tuesday expanding the State Department's Rewards for Justice program aimed at capturing the world's most serious human rights abusers, with African warlord Joseph Kony the top target.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 03:33pm EST

Chelsea Clinton headlining inaugural service event

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton has signed on to help promote President Barack Obama's inaugural kick-off event to get Americans across the country engaged in serving their communities.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 02:10pm EST

Most fade, but these inaugural words endure

A sampling of inaugural addresses remembered for speaking eloquently to their historical moment:

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 01:18pm EST

Obama gets a second chance at speech for the ages

Sixteen presidents before Barack Obama got a second chance at giving an inaugural address for the ages. Most didn't make much of it.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 01:10pm EST

SPIN METER: Obama and his Social Security warning

No one doubts dire things will happen, and fast, if the government runs out of borrowing authority in coming weeks. But late Social Security checks need not be among them.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 12:39pm EST

Presidential strut is now iconic inaugural moment

At some point on Inauguration Day, if all goes as expected, the president's limousine will slow to a stop on its journey down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House. A Secret Service agent will open the rear passenger door, and the newly sworn-in president and the first lady will emerge from his car for a several-minute stroll. The crowd will cheer. Barack Obama will wave.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 03:04am EST
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