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UN says death toll in eastern Ukraine up to 4,707

UN says death toll in eastern Ukraine rises to 4,707 with many killed despite cease-fire

Monday - 12/15/2014, 08:50am EST

Saudi prince's news channel to go live in February

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's news channel to start broadcasting from Bahrain in February

Monday - 12/15/2014, 08:47am EST

Ebola vaccine trial suspended after side effects

Swiss researchers suspend trial of Ebola vaccine after unexpected side effects reported

Monday - 12/15/2014, 08:30am EST

Bond producers say screenplay stolen in Sony hack

New James Bond film producers say screenplay for 'SPECTRE' was stolen in Sony hack

Monday - 12/15/2014, 08:10am EST

Ugandan nanny given 4 years for assaulting toddler

Ugandan nanny sentenced to 4 years in jail for assaulting toddler in her care

Monday - 12/15/2014, 07:40am EST

Saudi Arabia: 1 officer killed in hostage rescue

Member of Saudi security forces killed in operation to free 3 foreigner laborers taken hostage

Monday - 12/15/2014, 07:30am EST

Mali: 4 prisoners exchanged for French hostage

Malian official: 4 prisoners exchanged for French hostage held by al-Qaida

Monday - 12/15/2014, 07:20am EST

Denmark claims North Pole via Greenland ridge link

Denmark claims North Pole through Arctic underwater ridge link from Greenland

Monday - 12/15/2014, 06:30am EST

A lonely fight defending Egypt's jailed dissidents

In Egypt, a lawyer wages a lonely struggle defending jailed revolutionaries

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:36am EST

US man illegally in NKorea says he's not detained

American man who says he illegally crossed into North Korea says he's not being detained

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:12am EST

Haiti PM resigns amid political discontent

Haiti's prime minister resigns amid political discontent, violent protests

Monday - 12/15/2014, 02:02am EST

Japan Abe faces battle on reforms despite vote win

Despite big election win, Japan's Prime Minister Abe faces stiff resistance to policy goals

Monday - 12/15/2014, 01:18am EST

Defiant Afghan president condemns terror attacks

Defiant Afghan president condemns wave of insurgent attacks, saying: 'We will never surrender'

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:42am EST

Confusion on the menu for European allergen rule

Confusion on the menu as European allergen rule takes effect for restaurants, bakeries

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:24am EST

Jamaica truth commission explores bloody slum raid

In Jamaica, fact-finding panel hopes to solve lingering mysteries of bloody 2010 slum raid

Monday - 12/15/2014, 12:08am EST

Hostage situation unfolding in Australia

Their officials support the U.S. mission against the Islamic State.

Sunday - 12/14/2014, 09:00pm EST

UK airspace manager calls glitch unprecedented

UK airspace manager says unprecedented computer glitch touched off flight mayhem

Sunday - 12/14/2014, 07:54pm EST

ALBA countries gather in Cuba on 10th anniversary

ALBA member countries mark 10th anniversary in Cuba amid falling oil price worries

Sunday - 12/14/2014, 06:20pm EST

Britain to seek access to CIA torture report

Britain to seek access to redacted parts of CIA report into the use of torture after Sept. 11

Sunday - 12/14/2014, 05:50pm EST

News Guide: Japan ruling party wins big

News Guide: Japan's ruling party wins big in lower house elections

Sunday - 12/14/2014, 05:14pm EST
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