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Russia bans congressman, 12 other Americans

Russia bans 13 Americans including congressman, 12 linked to Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 08:20am EDT

La democracia indonesia a punto de ser testada

La frágil democracia indonesia se enfrenta a la prueba de elegir presidente tras elecciones

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 07:38am EDT

DNA being collected to ID Ukraine crash victims

Dutch forensic experts begin gathering material from next of kin to identify crash victims

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 05:22am EDT

Mideast divisions cloud Gaza cease-fire efforts

Split between Egypt and Hamas plagues efforts to bring cease-fire in Gaza

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 05:08am EDT

Monitors try to secure Ukraine plane crash site

International monitors try to secure sprawling Ukraine plane crash site for investigation

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 03:14am EDT

Karlijn Keijzer remembered as leader, fierce competitor

Karlijn Keijzer attended Indiana University and was part of the rowing team.

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 02:50am EDT

Under threat, Iraq's Christians flee city of Mosul

After threat from Islamic extremists, Christians flee northern Iraqi city of Mosul

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 02:12am EDT

Israeli bulldozers destroy Hamas tunnels in Gaza

Israeli bulldozers destroy tunnels used by Hamas to sneak beneath Israel's southern border

Sunday - 07/20/2014, 01:54am EDT

Double disasters taint Malaysia Airlines

Hit by double disasters, Malaysia Airlines may become tainted for travelers, never recover

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 10:42pm EDT

Extremists kill more than 100 in northeast Nigeria

Boko Haram kills more than 100, hoists flag in northeast Nigerian town; villagers on the run

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 04:20pm EDT

AIDS conference attendees on downed Malaysian jet

Researcher, activist heading to AIDS conference in Australia were on doomed Malaysian jet

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 03:36pm EDT

Erdogan says Israel more barbaric than Hitler

Turkey's Erdogan accuses Israel of 'barbarism that surpasses Hitler'

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Correction: Switzerland-Obit-Winter story

Correction: Switzerland-Obit-Winter story

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 03:30pm EDT

French police and pro-Palestinian protesters clash

French police and pro-Palestine protesters clash in Paris

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 03:13pm EDT

Multiple bus crash in Germany kills 10, injures 69

German police say 10 killed, 69 injured when several buses crash near eastern city of Dresden

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 02:07pm EDT

Kenya Red Cross: 7 die in militant attack on coast

Kenya Red Cross says 7 killed in bus attack on Kenyan coast; Al-Shabab claims responsibility

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 01:14pm EDT

Kony's rebels change tactics to evade hunt

On the run from international military effort, Kony's rebels change tactics to survive

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 12:55pm EDT

1 in 5 of Gaza dead are children

Gaza's children pay high price for Israel-Hamas fighting: 1 in 5 of dead are minors

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 12:54pm EDT

French President announces new operation in Africa

French president in Chad announces new operation of 3,000 French troops in 5 African countries

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 11:39am EDT

Syrian troops seek to retake jihadi-held gas field

Syrian troops fight to retake gas field from jihadi fighters as toll from fight rises to 200

Saturday - 07/19/2014, 11:39am EDT
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