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From N.O. to D.C., from prison to published author

Street Sense vendor Gerald Anderson has been a fixture at Gallery Place for years, but it took a long journey to get there. He and volunteer Susan Orlins have collaborated on the story of his journey from New Orleans to D.C. in the wake of Katrina, and from prison to an author who wants to help young people steer clear of his old path.

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‘Fire hose’ of moisture slams South Carolina; 12 killed

With waterlogged dams overflowing, bridges collapsing, hundreds of roads inundated and floodwaters rolling down to the coast, South Carolina is anything but done with this disaster.

Late Philippine dictator’s son to run for vice president

The son of late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos has announced that he will run next year in a new gauge of his family’s political clout nearly three decades after they were ousted in a “people power” revolt.

Travelers should act fast to book cheap flights

A report from Expedia says the lowest ticket prices on most domestic flights tend to pop up between 50 and 100 days before departure, so the sweet spot for Thanksgiving flights is right about now.

Residents, leaders speak out against plan for I-66 tolls

The plan to turn I-66 inside the Beltway into a toll road for solo drivers during rush hours would ensure reliable speeds, VDOT says. But people at Monday night's meeting aren't excited about paying.

Covering the Bases: The offseason begins

The Nationals have to pick a new manager, but that's nowhere near the only big decision they have to make before spring training. And they can't blow any of them, WTOP's Jonathan Warner explains.

Severance jurors to be asked about Oregon mass shooting

Attorneys for charged killer Charles Severance plan to ask jurors about their knowledge of the mass shooting at a community college in Oregon as part of the jury selection process.

Can Google teach federal executives how to manage people?

In recent years, the U.S. government has sought Silicon Valley's technical expertise when its websites fail. Now it's looking to tech's biggest player to help solve a stubborn problem of another kind: bad bosses.

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