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Iran official concerned for nuclear power plant

Deal with West could spell trouble for Iran's only running nuclear power plant, official says

Monday - 04/14/2014, 10:31am EDT

UN Security Council meets on Ukraine crisis

UN Security Council holds urgent meeting on violence in Ukraine; Russia objects to critics

Monday - 04/14/2014, 09:36am EDT

Germany, France see ghosts of WWI in Ukraine

Germany, France see ghosts of European nationalism that led to WWI in Ukraine crisis

Monday - 04/14/2014, 08:11am EDT

Pope poses for 'selfies' after Palm Sunday homily

Pope ignores prepared Palm Sunday homily, speaks off-the-cuff before posing for 'selfies'

Monday - 04/14/2014, 04:02am EDT

Combative prosecutor makes mark in Pistorius trial

Chief prosecutor in Oscar Pistorius murder trial makes mark with dogged cross-examination

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:22am EDT

Abdullah, Ghani lead in partial Afghan vote tally

With partial results, Afghan presidential vote looks like tight race between Abdullah, Ghani

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:12am EDT

Kiev government to deploy troops in Ukraine's east

Ukraine government to deploy troops to try to quash pro-Russian insurgency in east

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:08am EDT

Official: US looking into Syria toxic gas reports

US official says reports of Syria toxic gas attack unsubstantiated, though being examined

Monday - 04/14/2014, 01:58am EDT

UN Security Council meets on Ukraine crisis

UN Security Council holds urgent meeting on violence in Ukraine; Russia objects to critics

Monday - 04/14/2014, 12:30am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Vatican, Holy Land mark Palm Sunday

AP PHOTOS: Vatican, Holy Land and world mark Palm Sunday with waving fronds and prayers

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 06:14pm EDT

Artificial cooling tricky topic for climate panel

Artificially cooling planet through geoengineering a sensitive topic for UN climate panel

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Guinea-Bissau vote aims to bring stability

As Guinea-Bissau votes, many wonder if the West African nation will finally find stability

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 03:13pm EDT

Iraq scrambles to fight polio surge amid conflict

Iraq scrambles to fight resurgent polio virus, which again takes advantage of nation's turmoil

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 12:46pm EDT

Prize-winning Chihuahua puppy stolen in Britain

British police seeking help finding 5 stolen dogs, including prize-winning Chihuahua puppy

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 11:26am EDT

Fliers' thoughts, from 'no fear' to 'it's scarier'

Month-long mystery of Flight 370 wears on some air travelers, though others have 'no fear'

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 10:10am EDT

Peru state a violent 'mini-dictatorship'

Political murder betrays violence, corruption in Peruvian state's 'mini-dictatorship'

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 09:00am EDT

UK lawmaker cleared of rape wants legal fees paid

UK lawmaker cleared of rape, sex assaults criticizes prosecution, seeks legal fees to be paid

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 08:58am EDT

North Korea's capital hosts international marathon

Hundreds of foreigners race through Pyongyang as North Korea's capital hosts annual marathon

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 07:28am EDT

Poison gas claims complicate Syrian civil war

New rebel, government claims of poison gas attack complicate Syrian civil war, weapons cleanup

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 06:00am EDT

Finance officials: Global economy turns the corner

Amid market jitters, finance officials see foundation for sustained economic growth and jobs

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 05:04am EDT
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