63 abducted females escape extremists in Nigeria

Officials: 63 girls and women escape Islamic extremists in Nigeria; Chibok girls still captive

Tuesday - 07/08/2014, 02:40am EDT

Thousands rally in Kenya against president's rule

Thousands join opposition rally in Kenya; some call for President Kenyatta to step down

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:42pm EDT

Pistorius: Last witness testifies for defense

Defense lawyer in Oscar Pistorius murder trial says testimony over, he plans to close his case

Monday - 07/07/2014, 12:16pm EDT

Ethiopia urged to protect opposition leader

Human Rights Watch urges Ethiopia's government to give opposition leader a fair trial

Monday - 07/07/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Drought looms in Somalia after poor, erratic rains

UN food agency: Drought looms in violence-prone Somalia after poor, erratic rains

Monday - 07/07/2014, 10:50am EDT

Fears of rebellion as Uganda's army battles gunmen

Fears of renewed insurgency as Ugandan military battles gunmen near border with Congo

Monday - 07/07/2014, 09:20am EDT

Red Cross: 22 dead in attacks on Kenyan coast

Red Cross: 22 dead in attack on Kenyan coast; al-Shabab claims responsibility, Kenya doubtful

Monday - 07/07/2014, 06:50am EDT

Egypt president raises cigarette, alcohol prices

Egypt president increases sales tax on cigarettes and alcohol

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:46am EDT

Video footage shows Pistorius re-enacting killing

Pistorius camp protests after Australian channel shows video of athlete re-enacting killing

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:30am EDT

4 killed in car bomb attack in Somalia

Police: 4 killed in car bomb attack in Somalia

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 12:26pm EDT

Nigeria: Soldiers repel attack on military base

Military, witnesses: Hundreds of extremists storm northern Nigerian military base; 50 killed

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 10:00am EDT

Dozens killed as Ugandan forces battle militia

Dozens killed in clashes between tribal militia and Ugandan security forces near Congo border

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 09:50am EDT

Jill Biden travels to east Congo on Africa tour

Jill Biden travels to east Congo, meets with sexual violence survivors on 3-nation Africa tour

Saturday - 07/05/2014, 12:22pm EDT

Nigerian capital airport closing for runway repair

Nigeria's Abuja airport closing for runway repairs Sunday

Saturday - 07/05/2014, 07:30am EDT

Egypt's government raises fuel prices dramatically

Egypt's government raises fuel prices by up to 78 percent to address staggering deficit

Friday - 07/04/2014, 11:00pm EDT

Rebel leader Kony "hibernates,"evades jungle hunt

Rebel leader Joseph Kony remains "like a myth" to his fighters; complicates jungle hunt

Friday - 07/04/2014, 04:50pm EDT

US warns of terror threat against Uganda airport

US Embassy in Uganda warns of terror threat against country's only international airport

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Prosecutor says Pistorius acted methodically

Pistorius Trial: Prosecutor says athlete acted methodically, challenges testifying physician

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Freed from mental ward, atheist gets death threats

Nigerian atheist freed from mental ward, held for blasphemy against Islam, gets death threats

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Gunmen kill Somali lawmaker and his bodyguard

Gunmen kill Somali lawmaker and his bodyguard in drive-by shooting in Mogadishu

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 09:54am EDT

Aid groups raise fresh South Sudan famine warning

British aid groups raise new famine warning for violence-hit South Sudan

Thursday - 07/03/2014, 06:30am EDT

Pistorius is not a narcissist, psychologist says

Pistorius' conduct not associated with abusive relationships, 'rage-type' murder, expert says

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 03:26pm EDT

4 dead after cargo plane crashes in Kenya capital

Cargo plane crashes after takeoff in Kenya's capital, 4 dead, police official says

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 08:16am EDT

Civilian group: 56 dead in Nigeria market blast

Civilian patrol group says 56 dead in Nigeria market blast blamed on Boko Haram extremists

Wednesday - 07/02/2014, 05:02am EDT

Nigerian once drugged in crate at UK airport dies

Nigeria's Umaru Dikko dies at 78; once found drugged in crate at UK airport in govt kidnap

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 06:31pm EDT
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