German finance chief: confident on balanced budget

Germany's finance minister confident on balanced budget, holds out against more borrowing

Monday - 10/20/2014, 09:50am EDT

Germany arrests 2 over IS, Syria rebel links

Germany arrests 2 more suspected supporters of IS, Syrian rebel group following weekend raids

Monday - 10/20/2014, 07:40am EDT

Ukraine says Russia has agreed to supply gas

Ukraine's president says Russia has agreed to supply natural gas for the winter

Monday - 10/20/2014, 07:02am EDT

Pilots at Lufthansa to start 35-hour strike Monday

Pilots at Lufthansa to start 35-hour strike Monday affecting short-haul fleet

Monday - 10/20/2014, 02:20am EDT

Sweden: 3 credible sightings in submarine search

Swedish military: 3 credible sighting of foreign undersea activity during past few days

Monday - 10/20/2014, 01:04am EDT

Albania, Serbia postpone visit after soccer brawl

Albania prime minister's visit to Serbia postponed following soccer brawl that fueled tensions

Monday - 10/20/2014, 12:30am EDT

UN rights chief criticizes Congo over expulsion

UN human rights chief condemns expulsion of representative in Congo after critical report

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Catholics, Protestants honor Paisley in Belfast

Northern Ireland's Catholic, Protestant leaders unite to honor Ian Paisley month after death

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Small fire damages historic clipper Cutty Sark

London firefighters put out blaze on historic clipper Cutty Sark, small part of ship damaged

Sunday - 10/19/2014, 08:40am EDT

Endangered northern white rhino dies in Africa

Rare northern white rhino dies in Africa, further reducing the world's dwindling population

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:00pm EDT

Hungary not investigating US corruption claims

Hungary not investigating US claims of corruption, wants US to provide information

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Families of slain UK aid workers call for unity

Memorial held for slain British aid worker as families call for 'acts of unity' against terror

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Rome mayor defiantly registers 16 gay marriages

Rome mayor defies Interior Ministry, registers 16 gay marriages amid thunderous applause

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 02:04pm EDT

UK police to help Thailand murder investigation

Scotland Yard detectives heading to Thailand to help investigate murder of 2 British tourists

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Turkish prosecutors drop corruption probe

Turkish prosecutors drop corruption investigation that had rocked the government

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Polish official: alleged spies worked for Russia

Polish lawmaker: arrested espionage suspects worked for Russia's military intelligence

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Sweden underwater activity search continues

Neutral Sweden continues investigation after reports of 'foreign underwater activity'

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Soldiers' rights activist jailed in Russia

Rights activist who investigated deaths of Russian soldiers in Ukraine jailed

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 11:14am EDT

Berlin governing party chooses new mayor

Berlin governing party chooses city development minister as new mayor after incumbent quits

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 10:52am EDT

Europe's top powers deadlocked as economy sinks

Arguing while Europe sinks: Germany, ECB policy standoff over economy is worrying markets

Saturday - 10/18/2014, 08:48am EDT
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