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Burkina Faso president declares state of emergency

Spokesman: Burkina Faso president declares state of emergency after violent protests

Updated 01 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Norway to send training troops to Iraq

Norway to send 195 soldiers for campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan to train local troops

Updated 01 minutes, 42 seconds ago

Ebola: Danger in Sierra Leone, progress in Liberia

Top Ebola officials in Liberia and Sierra Leone describe successes amid looming danger

Updated 01 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Israel recalls ambassador to Sweden

Israel recalls ambassador to Sweden after Stockholm recognizes Palestinian state

Updated 01 minutes, 53 seconds ago

9 Niger security forces killed in militant attacks

9 Niger security forces killed in simultaneous attacks on prison, refugee camp, patrol

Updated 02 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Fearing uprising, Iraq militants hunt ex-police

Islamic State group kills dozens of former Iraqi police, trying to eliminate threat to rule

Updated 02 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Israel to reopen Jerusalem holy site

Israel to allow Muslim prayers at Jerusalem holy site

Updated 02 minutes, 09 seconds ago

N. Korea cracking down on a distant threat: Ebola

N. Korea, about as far from Ebola as a country can be, cracks down on visitors to keep it out

Updated 02 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Peshmerga troops start entering Syrian border town

Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga troops start entering Syrian town of Kobani from Turkey, activists say

Updated 02 minutes, 30 seconds ago

Bodies found in Mexico where 3 Texans missing

Bodies found in northern Mexico area where 3 young Texans have been missing for 2 weeks

Updated 02 minutes, 34 seconds ago

Brutal winter set to hit war-torn eastern Ukraine

Merciless winter set to hit homeless in war-torn eastern Ukraine _ threatening lives

Updated 02 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Plans for Antarctic marine reserve falter again

Plans for giant Antarctic marine reserve falter for 4th time as consensus proves elusive

Updated 02 minutes, 51 seconds ago

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

10 Things to See: A gallery of lasting moments chosen by our editors

Updated 05 minutes, 58 seconds ago

After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom _ and glut

Fukushima sets off green boom and glut as utilities choke on cost, hope for return of nuclear

Updated 06 minutes, 33 seconds ago

Rocket explosion setback for commercial space

Rocket explosion in Virginia setback for commercial cargo flights after string of successes

Updated 06 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Nicely preserved mammoth carcass shown in Moscow

Well preserved carcass of woolly mammoth goes on display in Moscow

Updated 06 minutes, 48 seconds ago

South Africans mourn sport deaths

Calls for stricter gun laws as South Africans pay their last respects to sports figures

Updated 09 minutes, 08 seconds ago

Latvian musical on Nazi collaborator stirs anger

Jewish groups protest Latvian musical about aviator turned Nazi death squad member

Updated 10 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Wanted in US, Roman Polanski questioned in Poland

Polish prosecutors question filmmaker Roman Polanski, wanted in US on 1977 sex charges

Updated 10 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Central Europe, Britain oppose Ukraine rebel vote

Foreign ministers by 4 central European nations, Britain condemn rebel vote in eastern Ukraine

Updated 29 minutes, 37 seconds ago
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