Congressman: Alexis' drug may have had 'problem' side effect

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis may have been taking a prescription drug with a potentially dangerous side effect, according to one lawmaker.

Friday - 09/20/2013, 10:57am EDT

'I felt him breathe': Escape from the Navy Yard

'I felt him breathe': Before memorable photos, a frantic escape from Navy Yard's Building 197

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:19am EDT

Washington Navy Yard opening 3 days after massacre

Washington Navy Yard opening 3 days after massacre, except where shootings took place

Friday - 09/20/2013, 07:18am EDT

Ala. man reports airport exchange with DC shooter

Ala. man reports confrontation with Washington Navy Yard shooter at Va. airport

Friday - 09/20/2013, 05:30am EDT

Details emerge on how Navy Yard shooter was stopped

More details have been released about exactly how law enforcement officers tracked down and killed the Navy Yard shooter.

Friday - 09/20/2013, 05:25am EDT

Navy firefighters: Radios failed during Navy Yard shooting

Faulty radios may have slowed the treatment of victims at the Navy Yard shooting.

Friday - 09/20/2013, 05:22am EDT

'Active shooter' scenario added to emergency conference topics

Power outages, snowstorms, hurricanes. Washingtonians have dealt with them all. Emergency preparedness measures, from stocking up on water, flashlights and batteries to evacuating, are familiar exercises.

Friday - 09/20/2013, 01:12am EDT

Navy gunman spent night in Mass. Buddhist temple

Navy Yard shooter spent night in Buddhist temple in Mass., complained of noises in his head

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 05:09pm EDT

Learning to live after trauma: Pentagon survivor offers hope to Navy Yard workers

He was in the Pentagon during the Sept. 11 terror attacks and was locked-down at the Navy Yard during Monday's shooting rampage. And this Navy officer turned psychologist from Ellicott City, tells his fellow survivors to embrace life in the wake of the shootings.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 03:48pm EDT

Navy Yard police union: Staffing cuts slowed response

The union representing civilian police officers at the Washington Navy Yard says the base was undermanned because of budget cuts related to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 02:16pm EDT

Fund will support Navy Yard victims, families

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region is starting a fund for survivors and victims' families in the wake of the Navy Yard shooting.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 01:36pm EDT

U.S. Capitol Police launch review of its Navy Yard shooting response

The chief of the U.S. Capitol Police has ordered a review of the agency's response to Monday's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 01:14pm EDT

Cast of 'NCIS' shares condolences after Navy Yard shooting

For the cast of CBS's hit show "NCIS," the Navy Yard shootings that claimed the lives of 13, hit close to home as the crime drama is set in the same location as the shooting rampage.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 11:20am EDT

Hagel orders 2 reviews in response to shooting

Hagel promises security reviews in response to shooting, says Pentagon will fix gaps

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 10:16am EDT

Lawyer: Chances to pull Navy Yard shooter's clearance were missed

A veteran of the federal security clearance process for more than 40 years says critical opportunities were missed to have the security clearance of Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis pulled or suspended.

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 09:15am EDT

Back to work at the Washington Navy Yard

WTOP's Nick Iannelli reports

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 08:55am EDT



Navy contractor left cryptic messages on shotgun

Navy contractor who killed 12 in shooting rampage left cryptic messages on shotgun

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 04:30am EDT

VA: Navy gunman didn't reveal homicidal thoughts

VA: Navy Yard gunman complained of insomnia but did not reveal homicidal, suicidal thoughts

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 04:23am EDT

Military base shootings shake sense of security

Navy Yard, Fort Hood attacks shatter sense of security at US bases; 'We will fix those gaps'

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 04:22am EDT

Dempsey has doubts about probing mental health

Dempsey: Clearance applicants should not be stigmatized with questions about mental health

Thursday - 09/19/2013, 03:36am EDT
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