Chicago schools transition _ smooth or rocky?

After school closures, Chicago officials call transition smooth; some kids, teachers disagree

Monday - 12/09/2013, 09:44am EST

Chinese-Brazilian satellite fails to enter orbit

Chinese-Brazilian satellite fails to enter orbit after rocket malfunctions following launch

Monday - 12/09/2013, 09:39am EST

Mobile app takes wait, hassle out of filing car insurance claim

Nobody looks forward to the process of filing a car insurance claim. A new mobile app can speed what normally takes several days into a few hours.

Monday - 12/09/2013, 04:00am EST

Unusual number of Arctic snowy owls seen in US

Unusually large number of Arctic snowy owls seen in northern US, elsewhere

Sunday - 12/08/2013, 12:20pm EST

Bocelli visits MIT for adaptive tech workshop

Singer Bocelli visits MIT for workshop on adaptive technology for the visually impaired

Saturday - 12/07/2013, 11:06am EST

Jamaica scientist launches medical marijuana firm

Jamaican scientist launches company to capitalize on global market for medical marijuana

Friday - 12/06/2013, 07:50pm EST

Federal study warns of sudden climate change woes

Panel: Abrupt climate change may be bigger threat than larger glacial-pace global warming

Friday - 12/06/2013, 07:50pm EST

Scientist knits technology into ultimate ugly sweaters

This scientist has found a way to use your smartphone to make your Christmas sweater the ugliest at the party.

Friday - 12/06/2013, 04:15pm EST

US OKs offshore wind-testing lease to Va.'s DMME

The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy has taken a big step in its quest to collect data off the coast ahead of wind turbine development in Atlantic waters.

Friday - 12/06/2013, 03:18pm EST

Garden Plot: Tropical plants make a Mid-Atlantic winter bright

In this week's edition of Garden Plot, Editor Mike McGrath has poinsettia plant rules and tips to evict ladybugs from your home.

Friday - 12/06/2013, 11:24am EST

Satellite launched aboard private SpaceX rocket

Communications satellite launched from Cape Canaveral aboard private SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 06:20pm EST

Hubble Telescope best shot at learning comet fate

Hubble Space Telescope is best chance at learning Comet ISON's fate after close brush with sun

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 06:20pm EST

China launches first moon rover, the 'Jade Rabbit'

China launches its first lunar lander carrying 'Jade Rabbit' rover to the moon

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 05:14pm EST

Calif. couple conceives rare identical triplets

1 in a million: Northern Calif. couple conceives identical triplets without fertility drugs

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 02:20pm EST

D.C. close to inking deals to lure Microsoft, Chinese tech firms

Seeking to enhance its technology pedigree, the District is close to signing a deal that would bring a dozen Chinese software firms to the nation's capital. A separate agreement with Microsoft is also almost done.

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 02:20am EST

Diligent Asian students dominate global exam

Driven by fierce competition and aided by tutorials, Asian students dominate global test

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 02:04am EST

Drowned polar bear scientist gets $100k settlement

Polar bear scientist reprimanded over release of emails settles complaint, retires

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 08:30pm EST

Ancient DNA from human relative sets age record

Try these genes on: Scientists recover, analyze 400,000-year-old DNA from human forerunner

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 02:10pm EST
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