Sandy gains strength as it heads toward East Coast

Hurricane Sandy gains strength as it heads toward the US East Coast

Monday - 10/29/2012, 06:38am EDT

MARC commuter rail suspends service due to Sandy

The MARC commuter rail service will not operate on what would normally be the first day of the work week because of the incoming hurricane.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 05:40am EDT

Sandy gains strength as it heads toward East Coast

Hurricane Sandy has gained strength as it swirls toward the East Coast.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 05:39am EDT

Schools closed across Va. on Monday

Students and some municipal workers in Virginia are being spared the challenge of going out into the rough weather.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 05:33am EDT

Federal offices closed because of Sandy

Federal offices are closed to the public Monday.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 04:48am EDT

Hurricane's death toll rises to 65 in Caribbean

Hurricane Sandy's death toll rises to 65 as flooding continues in Haiti

Monday - 10/29/2012, 03:43am EDT

Obama balancing storm response with campaigning

President Barack Obama has spent months trying to balance his re-election bid with running the government. Now, just when his campaign needs him the most, with little more than a week before the election, his official job is beckoning.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 02:56am EDT

Mid-Atlantic prepares for week of misery

Hurricane Sandy threatens to bring as much as a foot of rain, winds of up to 80 mph and a wall of water 4 to 11 feet high to coastal areas.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 02:51am EDT

Sandy and storm surge pose 'worst case scenario'

The projected storm surge from Hurricane Sandy is a "worst case scenario" with devastating waves and tides predicted for the highly populated New York City metro area, government forecasters said Sunday.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 01:38am EDT

5 reasons why Sandy is expected to be a superstorm


Monday - 10/29/2012, 01:33am EDT

Hurricane's death toll rises to 65 in Caribbean

As Americans braced Sunday for Hurricane Sandy, Haiti was still suffering.

Monday - 10/29/2012, 01:28am EDT

Obama signs DC emergency declaration due to Sandy

Obama signs District of Columbia emergency declaration as Hurricane Sandy approaches

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 10:11pm EDT

Eastern US braces for dangerous superstorm

From Washington to Boston, big cities and small towns Sunday buttoned up against the onslaught of a superstorm that could endanger 50 million people in the most heavily populated corridor in the nation, with forecasters warning that the New York area could get the worst of it _ an 11-foot wall of water.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 09:08pm EDT

5 reasons why Sandy is expected to be a superstorm


Sunday - 10/28/2012, 08:53pm EDT

D.C. early voting canceled Monday

The D.C. Board of Elections has suspended early voting Monday ahead of Hurricane Sandy.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 07:53pm EDT

D.C. asks for federal disaster assistance

District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray has asked the White House for a federal disaster declaration in anticipation of major damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 06:51pm EDT

Hurricane Sandy grounds thousands of flights

Airlines hurried to fly passengers and planes out of the Northeast Sunday as Hurricane Sandy moved up the coast. The massive storm threatens to bring a near halt to air travel for two days in a key region for both domestic and international flights.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 06:18pm EDT

Maryland Senate debate canceled

A debate between Maryland U.S. Senate candidates has been canceled because of Hurricane Sandy.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 05:27pm EDT

'Frankenstorm': Worse than sum of its parts

The storm that is threatening 60 million Americans in the eastern third of the nation in just a couple of days with high winds, drenching rains, extreme tides, flooding and probably snow is much more than just an ordinary weather system. It's a freakish and unprecedented monster.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 05:16pm EDT

Tips on preparing for East Coast superstorm

The Federal Emergency Management Agency offers tips on how to prepare for Hurricane Sandy and other tropical storms. Sandy is expected to be especially disastrous when it merges with a winter storm system, bringing powerful winds, rain, snow and storm surge along the Eastern Seaboard.

Sunday - 10/28/2012, 04:26pm EDT
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