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Bishop in mob town seeks godfather moratorium

Archbishop in mob stronghold of Reggio Calabria seeks papal OK for moratorium on godfathers

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 11:00am EDT

Rights group sues Nigeria's leader over corruption

Group sues Nigeria leader for dropping corruption charges against dictator's son

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 10:29am EDT

European court upholds French ban on face veils

European Court of Human Rights upholds French ban on Muslim face veils in first such case

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 10:28am EDT

Presidency move comes with some peril for Erdogan

A move to the presidency could bolster power for Erdogan, but comes with risks

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 10:06am EDT

Land mine kills UN peacekeeper in northern Mali

Land mine kills UN peacekeeper in northern Mali; 6 others injured

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 07:59am EDT

The stories of 12 Japanese abducted by North Korea

Lives interrupted: 12 Japanese abducted by North Korea and never seen again

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 06:44am EDT

Ukrainian president ends unilateral ceasefire

Ukrainian president ends unilateral ceasefire, says 'We will attack, we will free our country'

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 05:56am EDT

Successors to the prophet: Islam's caliphates

In caliphate declaration, Sunni extremists reach for mantle of Islam's prophet

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 05:56am EDT

Mental disorder not factor in Pistorius shooting

Pistorius not mentally ill when he shot and killed his girlfriend, psych evaluations say

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 04:40am EDT

Oil-producing Iran looks to solar to light future

For oil-and-gas giant Iran, officials launch new push for solar power to light its future

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 04:16am EDT

Islamic state declaration could lead to schism

Militants' declaration of Islamic state threatens to erode tenuous ties with other Sunnis

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 02:52am EDT

New Zealand names Malaysian envoy in assault case

New Zealand officials identify diplomat charged with sexual assault as Malaysian

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 02:50am EDT

North Korea preparing to try 2 American tourists

North Korea preparing to try 2 detained American tourists for committing 'hostile acts'

Tuesday - 07/01/2014, 01:10am EDT

Blasts kill 2 senior policemen near Egypt palace

Bombs outside Egypt's presidential palace in Cairo kill 2 senior police officers, injure 10

Monday - 06/30/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Bodies of missing Israeli teens found in West Bank

Israel finds bodies of kidnapped teens in West Bank, says 'Hamas will pay'

Monday - 06/30/2014, 10:06pm EDT

Liberia vows prosecution for hiding Ebola patients

Liberia president vows to prosecute anyone caught hiding suspected Ebola patients

Monday - 06/30/2014, 08:00pm EDT

Pakistan refugee crisis creates polio challenge

Pakistan refugee crisis: perfect conditions for polio infections, big opportunity to immunize

Monday - 06/30/2014, 05:18pm EDT

UK TV host Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assault

UK TV personality Rolf Harris guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault after lengthy trial

Monday - 06/30/2014, 03:59pm EDT

Tempers fray as displaced Iraqis break Muslim fast

Tempers fray as Iraqis displaced by unrest collect food to break Ramadan fast

Monday - 06/30/2014, 02:12pm EDT

Mortar shells hit northern Syrian city, killing 14

Syrian state media say mortar shells hit government-held city in north, killing 14 people

Monday - 06/30/2014, 01:48pm EDT
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