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Spokesman: IS group visits Pakistan militants

Militant spokesman says delegation from Islamic State group visits Pakistani militants

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 07:20am EST

Rubber-stamp assembly expected from Egypt vote

Egypt elections unlikely to deliver parliament that can check president's powers

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 07:08am EST

Russia to build more nuclear reactors in Iran

Russia signs deal to build 2 nuclear reactors in Iran, another 6 may follow

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 06:40am EST

Afghanistan sees increase in poppy cultivation

UN survey shows Afghan opium poppy cultivation up 7 percent in 2014

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 06:22am EST

China wins support for Asia-Pacific trade proposal

Asia-Pacific leaders endorse working toward China-backed free-trade pact

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 05:40am EST

Putin's gallantry upstages Chinese host at APEC

Putin offers shawl to the Chinese president's wife, upstaging host at Asia-Pacific summit

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 04:52am EST

Another Sierra Leonean doctor infected with Ebola

Another Sierra Leonean doctor tests positive for Ebola, the sixth in this outbreak

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 04:18am EST

Cuban dancers return home after stardom abroad

Cuban ballet dancers who found fame abroad return home to give back to the next generation

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:10am EST

Europe ready to land 1st probe on streaking comet

Countdown nears for Europe's 10-year odyssey to land a space probe on a streaking comet

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:10am EST

Grief, rage at 36-year sentence for ferry captain

Grief, rage erupt as South Korean ferry captain gets 36-year term for abandoning passengers

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:10am EST

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of religious war

Palestinian leader accuses Israel of 'religious war,' draws angry response from Netanyahu

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:00am EST

Ethnic rebel armies an unsolved Myanmar puzzle

In 2 years between Obama trips, Myanmar's hope of solving ethnic conflicts turns to doubt

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 01:42am EST

Wave of violence fuels Israeli-Palestinian tension

Months of violence fuel tensions between Israelis and Palestinians

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 01:40am EST

In socialist Venezuela, Barbie for the masses

Barbie dolls fly off the shelves as Venezuela mandates lower prices for Christmas shoppers

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 06:54pm EST

Iraqi forces retake most of strategic oil town

Iraqi forces retake most of key refinery town, next likely stop: Saddam's hometown

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 06:18pm EST

Iraqi Shiite militias grow brutal in anti-IS fight

Relied on by state, Shiite militias accused of brutality echoing Islamic State's in Iraq

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 05:30pm EST

Watch masterpiece fetches $24 million at auction

'Supercomplication' masterpiece watch fetches $24 million at auction

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 05:28pm EST

Ukraine rebels: a disunited front run by warlords

East Ukraine's separatists: a patchwork of fiefdoms run by rowdy warlords

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 05:26pm EST

Watch as the European Space Agency tries to land on a comet

Tune in Wednesday as the European Space Agency tries to land a scientific probe on a comet.

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 04:59pm EST

CNN to end broadcasting in Russia

CNN says it will end broadcasting in Russia, citing changes in media legislation

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 04:10pm EST
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