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Study: Coffee consumption tied to diminished diabetes risk

Coffee lovers have another excuse to grab a second cup of Joe: it could have health benefits.

Friday - 11/14/2014, 09:40am EST

Shiite holy month sees show of strength in Baghdad

Shiite domination of Iraqi capital on display during holy month, fueling tensions

Friday - 11/14/2014, 08:54am EST

Hong Kong activists plan trip to Beijing Saturday

Hong Kong student protest leaders plan Saturday trip to Beijing to try to meet Chinese leaders

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:54am EST

Godfather of Georgia's reforms dies at 58

Godfather of Georgia's liberal economic reforms dies in London

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:20am EST

A spacecraft on a comet? Sure, but why can't we ...

The hashtag took off almost immediately after the seemingly impossible landing.

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:08am EST

German economy returns to growth in 3rd quarter

German economy returns to modest growth in 3rd quarter, expands by 0.1 percent

Friday - 11/14/2014, 07:00am EST

India doctor arrested, denies role in women deaths

Indian doctor arrested, blames tainted medicine for deaths of 13 women after sterilization

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:56am EST

Image of Asia: Prayers for ailing Thai king

Image of Asia: Praying for ailing 86-year-old Thai king who's battling colon infection

Friday - 11/14/2014, 06:05am EST

Putin, Hollande to meet amid Ukraine tension

Putin to meet French president amid mounting tension over Ukraine, stalled warship deal

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:30am EST

AP PHOTOS: Brisbane adjusts to G-20 quiet

AP PHOTOS: Major economies don't say it with flowers: Brisbane adjusts to quiet of G-20

Friday - 11/14/2014, 05:18am EST

AP sources: IS, al-Qaida reach accord in Syria

AP sources: Islamic State, al-Qaida branch agree to stop fighting and work together in Syria

Friday - 11/14/2014, 04:14am EST

Space agency: Comet lander ends up in cliff shadow

Scientists: Comet lander Philae ends up in cliff's shadow, posing a problem for solar panels

Friday - 11/14/2014, 04:02am EST

Message from Islamic State group leader emerges

Message from Islamic State group leader emerges days after he is reported wounded in airstrike

Friday - 11/14/2014, 03:50am EST

Response to Ebola needs flexibility, experts say

As Ebola flares in rural hot spots, dims in others, experts call for more flexible response

Friday - 11/14/2014, 01:58am EST

Ukraine: Security deteriorating in rebel-held east

Ukraine warns of worsening security in separatist-held east, sees rebels nearing front line

Friday - 11/14/2014, 01:28am EST

100 police patrol in town with tiger on prowl

100 police patrolling overnight in town near Disneyland Paris as tiger eludes huge search

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 11:58pm EST

China must change economy to meet climate targets

China must transform its coal-based economy to meet climate change targets

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 11:20pm EST

5 questions about the historic comet landing

5 questions about the European Space Agency's historic comet landing

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 08:50pm EST

US: Commitments made to reduce Jerusalem tensions

Kerry: Israel, Jordan, Palestinians agree to calm spiraling Jerusalem tensions; details secret

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 07:40pm EST

Vatican installing showers for homeless

Vatican installing showers for homeless after official meets man embarrassed by his stench

Thursday - 11/13/2014, 06:18pm EST
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