Court hears dispute over pay for security checks

Supreme Court seems unlikely to find that workers deserve pay for security screening

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:32am EDT

Muslim hijabi hipsters fusing fashion with faith

Muslim hijabi hipsters fuse fashion with faith through modest wear

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:24am EDT

Ireland sells bonds at record-low yield

Irish continue rebound from bailout, sell 10-year bonds at record-low yield of 1.63 percent

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:18am EDT

PepsiCo's strong 3Q sends shares toward new high

PepsiCo breezes past expectations in 3Q on strong pricing and shares head for all-time high

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:18am EDT

Fed officials link rate increase to economic data

Fed officials express concerns about global economy, rate guidance wording

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 09:08am EDT

Lego to scrap Shell deal after Arctic protest

Danish toy maker Lego won't renew marketing deal with Shell after Greenpeace campaign

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 08:30am EDT

EPA says new vehicle mileage hits record 24.1 mpg

New vehicle mileage hits record 24.1 mpg, but pace of improvement is slowing

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 07:50am EDT

Italy's Renzi survives confidence vote on reforms

Italian Premier Renzi's government survives confidence vote on labor votes in raucous debate

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 06:22am EDT

Alcoa 3Q boosted by higher aluminum prices

Alcoa 3Q profit soars on higher aluminum prices, productivity gains, lower raw-material costs

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 05:20am EDT

Asian stocks rebound after US gains

Asian stocks rebound after US gains, Fed signal of patience on possible rate hike

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 05:06am EDT

JC Penney says Sept. sales softer than expected

Retailer JC Penney warns of softer sales in September; shares fall

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 02:40am EDT

Next edition of is unveiled

Improvements, challenges and at least 1 goof as next edition of is unveiled

Thursday - 10/09/2014, 02:32am EDT

More Ebola screening to begin at five US airports

US orders fever screening of passengers from West Africa arriving at 5 US airports

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 10:48pm EDT

Report: Federal budget deficit falls to $486B

Congressional Budget Office: Federal budget deficit falls to $486B, lowest of Obama's tenure

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Gov't: AT&T to pay $105M for bogus phone charges

AT&T settles with government, states; agrees to pay $105M for bogus 'cramming' charges

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 07:17pm EDT

Geithner defends terms of AIG bailout

Geithner defends terms of AIG bailout, citing risky conduct; interest rate said 'crazily high'

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 05:42pm EDT

Biden, Law & Order star in ads against sex assault

Biden to join forces with 'Law & Order' star Mariska Hargitay for domestic violence ads

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 05:28pm EDT

Twitter sues FBI, DOJ to release NSA request info

Twitter sues FBI, DOJ to release more information on government surveillance of its users

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 04:02pm EDT

EU seeks quick release of job boosting funds

Amid growing disillusionment, Europe seeks to unblock jobs creation funds

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 03:08pm EDT

US stocks rise sharply as Fed sees more low rates

US stocks rise sharply as Federal Reserve signals no rush to raise interest rates

Wednesday - 10/08/2014, 02:41pm EDT
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