Mexico police chief sought in reporter attack

Prosecutors: Police chief ordered attack on journalist beaten inside central Mexico newsroom

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 08:09pm EDT

Federal judge rejects Ohio campaign statements law

Federal judge strikes down Ohio campaign statements law; US Supreme Court allowed challenge

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 08:09pm EDT

Biden returning to key presidential state of Iowa

VP Biden to return to Iowa next week, signaling voters shouldn't count him out for 2016

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 08:00pm EDT

US force sent to Central African Republic

Obama dispatches military force to Central African Republic to help reopen American embassy

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Incumbent's loss upends Massachusetts' House race

Primary loss by Democratic incumbent upends race for Massachusetts seat in House eyed by GOP

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 07:08pm EDT

CIA: Islamic State group has up to 31,500 fighters

New intelligence assessment: Islamic Group has up to 31,5000 fighters, up from 10,000 earlier

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 06:49pm EDT

Washington lawmakers held in contempt on education

Washington Supreme Court holds Legislature in contempt over lack of progress on school funding

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 06:10pm EDT

Senate women: No tolerance for domestic violence

16 female senators urge NFL to adopt zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 06:06pm EDT

Timeline of key events in the Ray Rice case

Timeline of key events in the Ray Rice case

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Military exercise with Russia canceled

NORAD spokesman: Military exercise with Russia canceled due to situation in Ukraine

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Judge posting online about Theron adoption ousted

Court orders immediate removal of judge after online comments about Charlize Theron's adoption

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:50pm EDT

FBI: 2013 attack on power grid easy to execute

FBI: 2013 attack on Silicon Valley power grid easy to execute; but others say it's terrorism

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:20pm EDT

FBI probes vandalism as congressman's office

FBI probes attempted firebombing of US Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's office in Kansas City

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:15pm EDT

House, Senate weigh bills that are going nowhere

As clock ticks to fall elections, House, Senate debate measures just to make points to voters

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:06pm EDT

Obama: US to step up economic penalties on Russia

Obama says US to step up sanctions on Russia over actions in Ukraine; EU taking similar action

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 05:00pm EDT

A look at Sept. 11 commemorations in US

A look at commemorations in US on the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 04:57pm EDT

Expanded US strikes are 1st step in long campaign

Expanding US airstrikes in Iraq and extending them to Syria are 1st steps in long campaign

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 04:48pm EDT

FACT CHECK: Obama's military plan not so simple

FACT CHECK: No combat mission for US troops under Obama's plan, but no guarantees, either

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 04:48pm EDT

No ethics inquiry in lawmaker's fast-food protest

Ethics panel won't pursue Wis. congresswoman arrested in minimum wage protest at McDonald's

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 04:39pm EDT

Ex-Colombia president Samper making comeback

Ex-Colombia president stripped of US visa makes comeback as promoter of South America unity

Thursday - 09/11/2014, 04:07pm EDT
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