Pakistan army: 8 soldiers killed in tribal region

Pakistan army says 8 soldiers killed during operation targeting militants in tribal region

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Comparing US Fed's views on jobs, bond purchases

A look at how the Fed's views on interest rates, bond purchases and jobs

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:40pm EDT

UN review finds Darfur mission held back info

UN review finds Darfur peacekeeping mission held back information on crimes vs. civilians

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:40pm EDT

Romney backs up Perdue on jobs in Ga. Senate race

Stumping with Perdue in tight Ga. Senate race, Romney says GOP, not Dems will aid middle class

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:31pm EDT

Last days of Colorado governor race focus on crime

'Is Your Family Safe?': Crime dominates GOP hopeful's closing argument in Colorado

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:30pm EDT

Georgia Rep. Broun's hiring of consultant faulted

Ethics panel to extend investigation of Georgia congressman's hiring of campaign consultant

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:27pm EDT

Paul: GOP must improve appeal in hard-hit cities

Sen. Paul campaigns for GOP in Michigan, says party must improve appeal in hard-hit cities

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:20pm EDT

Police officer charged with assault

Police officer seen in video punching a man before arrest charged with assault

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:18pm EDT

NATO reports spike in Russian military flights

NATO reports 'unusual' spike in Russian military flights in the past 2 days

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:18pm EDT

For Biden, silver lining if Senate fight is a draw

For Biden, a silver lining if Senate fights ends in a tie, making VP the tiebreaker

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:18pm EDT

Giffords struggling to make guns a midterm issue

As midterms draw near, Gabby Giffords finds few allies willing to challenge NRA on gun control

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:14pm EDT

RAF jets scrambled to escort plane to Stansted

RAF fighter jets escort cargo plane to Stansted Airport

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:08pm EDT

A look at marijuana laws in Latin America

A glance at marijuana laws in Latin America and the Caribbean

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:05pm EDT

Russia successfully test-fires new Navy missile

Russian Navy successfully test-fires new submarine-based ballistic missile

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Murray adds 100M tons to Illinois' coal holdings

Murray Energy purchase from rival increases southern Illinois coal holdings by 100M tons

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Jeb Bush: Obama handling of Ebola 'incompetent'

Jeb Bush says Obama handling of Ebola crisis incompetent;' supports travel restrictions

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:30pm EDT

Text of the Federal Reserve's statement Wednesday

The full text of the Federal Reserve's statement after its meeting Wednesday

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Houston withdraws subpoena requests for pastors

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:10pm EDT

30,000 rally in Benin capital for elections

30,000 rally in Benin capital in demonstration called by opposition calling for elections

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Report: Official quits over prostitution incident

Report: Investigator in Secret Service prostitution scandal resigns over incident of his own

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 02:50pm EDT
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