Navajo high court weighs case on language fluency

Navajo Supreme Court weighs case challenging presidential candidate's ability to speak Navajo

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:39pm EDT

Texas congressman battles Ryan for committee post

Senior Texas congressman Kevin Brady to battle Paul Ryan for gavel of powerful House committee

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:39pm EDT

Feds tell Ferguson chief to ban bracelets

Justice Department tells Ferguson chief to ban bracelets supporting officer in Brown shooting

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Correction: Movie Drones story

Correction: Movie Drones story

Friday - 09/26/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Ivory Coast lifts Ebola flight restrictions

Ivory Coast president lifts flight restrictions to Ebola-affected countries

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:03pm EDT

With rap star, Georgia gov. taps unlikely partner

With rap star Ludacris, Georgia Gov. Deal taps unlikely partner on the campaign trail

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:03pm EDT

2 FBI employees killed in Ohio River collision

2 FBI employees killed when pleasure boat collides with 600-foot barge on Ohio River

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:03pm EDT

US official says Khorasan Group threat to aviation

US official says Khorasan Group 'a clear and present danger' to passenger, cargo flights

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:00pm EDT

McConnell, Grimes differ on marijuana

As Kentucky harvests first hemp crop, its Senate candidates disagree on marijuana legality

Friday - 09/26/2014, 07:00pm EDT

Lebanese prime minister calls for world's help

Lebanese prime minister says his country faces 'terrorist onslaught,' calls for world's help

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:52pm EDT

Marvel settles with family of superhero creator

Marvel settles dispute with family of artist who helped create Iron Man, other characters

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:30pm EDT

AP photographer attacked at Brazil political event

AP photographer punched and kicked at Brazil political event featuring presidential candidate

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:19pm EDT

US Sen. Joe Manchin wants brother's lawsuit tossed

US Sen. Joe Manchin seeks to dismiss suit by brother who says he never repaid $1.7M loan

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:19pm EDT

Professors urge override vote on NCAA legislation

Professors urge school presidents to overturn NCAA legislation bolstering power conferences

Friday - 09/26/2014, 06:00pm EDT

Omaha hospital workers fired over Ebola privacy

Omaha hospital that treated Ebola patient fires workers accused of looking at his medical file

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:29pm EDT

Colorado approves $5M incentive for Tarantino film

Colorado approves $5 million incentive for filming of Tarantino film 'The Hateful Eight'

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:18pm EDT

Lawsuit accuses Indian PM of role in 2002 violence

NY federal court summons Indian PM to respond to lawsuit accusing him of human rights abuses

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:15pm EDT

Fancy meals but no food for fasting Indian leader

Fasting Indian leader Modi won't taste food at coming dinner with Obama, lunch with Biden

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Russia sees Ukraine agreement

Russia sees Ukraine agreement, cautiously optimistic on Iran nuclear deal

Friday - 09/26/2014, 05:06pm EDT
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