Ocean garbage frustrates search for Flight 370

Sea garbage frustrates search for Flight 370 and points to wider problems in world's oceans

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 02:20pm EDT

Work laptops: When bullets, fire, explosive gases are part of the job

If a typical person's work laptop breaks, he calls the IT specialist. For people who perform the world's most dangerous and demanding jobs, computer failure may put lives at risk.

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 08:01am EDT

Artifacts from record-breaking jump go on display

Imagine falling to earth, from 24 miles up.

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 07:22am EDT

Va. family of 10-year-old cancer victim to watch president sign research law

The family of Gabriella Miller will be in the Oval Office Thursday, as President Barack Obama signs a pediatric research bill named for the 10-year-old Loudoun County cancer victim.

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 05:46am EDT

7.6 aftershock rattles Chile's far-northern coast

7.6 aftershock rattles Chile's northern coast, new evacuation a day after big quake hit region

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 01:41am EDT

Seabed of jet hunt zone mostly flat with 1 trench

Seabed of new jet search zone mostly flat with 1 trench, mostly good news for wreckage hunt

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 09:08pm EDT

Report: EPA fails to disclose risks in human tests

Report: EPA failed to reveal all risks posed to human subjects exposed to air pollutants

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Alcoa and MannKind are big market movers

MannKind, Urban Outfitters, Myriad Genetics, DSW and Alcoa are big market movers

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 05:30pm EDT

D.C.'s snowy owl tests her replacement wings

The snowy owl hit by a vehicle in D.C. in January is receiving some special care at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center.

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:48pm EDT

Smithsonian names director for tropical research

Smithsonian names climate-change expert as director for tropical research center in Panama

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 04:31pm EDT

11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel

11 ancient burial boxes unveiled in Israel after raid on suspected thieves

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 10:54am EDT

7.5 quake on California fault could be disastrous

Big quake from lesser-known fault that shook Southern California could be catastrophic

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 12:58am EDT

Officials seek clues in natural gas facility blast

Investigation begins into cause of blast at natural gas facility on Washington-Oregon border

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 08:58pm EDT

UN science report: Warming worsens security woes

Warmer temperatures can lead warmer tempers, worsening global security, UN report to say

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 05:18am EDT

UN panel: 8 reasons to worry about global warming

A hot list from international climate scientist: 8 'reasons for concern' about global warming

Monday - 03/31/2014, 07:06pm EDT

Sub Alvin in Gulf at spill's fourth anniversary

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:40pm EDT

UN report: Global warming dials up our risks

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Stocking set for Nevada lake after massive die-off

Trout stocking planned at northern Nevada lake where 100,000 fish died in December

Monday - 03/31/2014, 04:50pm EDT

National soil collection may unlock mysteries

National soil collection may unlock mysteries, research possibilities 'almost limitless'

Monday - 03/31/2014, 01:32pm EDT

Md. startup aims to revolutionize rehabilitation industry

Baltimore-based software startup Rehabtics aims to use technology to revolutionize the physical rehabilitation industry.

Monday - 03/31/2014, 11:15am EDT
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