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Britain still grappling with celebrity sex abuse

As Bill Cosby scandal unfolds, Britain is still grappling with its celebrity sex abuse cases

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 01:30pm EST

Anti-government protest takes place in Albania

Large demonstrations in Albania against the government's economic policies

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 12:50pm EST

UK volunteers fly to Sierra Leone to fight Ebola

First British volunteers fly to Sierra Leone, where experts warn of 'intense' Ebola surge

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 11:40am EST

Geneva hospital: Cuban doctor with Ebola stable

Geneva hospital: Cuban doctor infected with Ebola is stable after nearly 2 days of treatment

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 11:32am EST

Family pays tribute to slain hostage Alan Henning

Family pays tribute to slain hostage Alan Henning at memorial service

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 11:30am EST

Hundreds evacuated after London hotel explosion

Hundreds of guests evacuated, 14 injured after suspected gas leak explosion in London hotel

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 10:50am EST

Activist group: US-led Syria strikes kill over 900

Activist group says US-led airstrikes in Syria kill over 900 people, including 52 civilians

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 10:42am EST

Thousands take part in Spanish anti-abortion rally

Thousands demonstrate in major anti-abortion rally in Madrid, criticize government U-turn

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 10:30am EST

US releases Saudi prisoner from Guantanamo Bay

Saudi held 12 years at Guantanamo is sent home to take part in military rehabilitation program

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 10:30am EST

GOP-led House report debunks Benghazi allegations

GOP-led report finds response to Benghazi attack was proper, debunks 'stand down' allegation

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 09:12am EST

Nagorno-Karabkah says it killed 2 Azeri soldiers

Nagorno-Karabakh says it killed 2 Azeri troops in operation to recover helicopter crew bodies

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 08:30am EST

Mali Ebola crisis deepens with doctor's death

Mali's Ebola crisis deepens with doctor's death

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 08:24am EST

Germany releases, deports convicted Russia spy

Germany releases, deports woman convicted of spying for Russia; husband remains in custody

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 07:10am EST

Congo's army hunts assailants after attack in east

Congo's army pursues assailants after attack in east that civil society says killed dozens

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 07:00am EST

Islamic State group's drive for Kobani is blunted

Islamic State group's bid to capture key town of Kobani in northern Syria is blunted by Kurds

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 05:08am EST

Iran nuke talks stalled, despite Kerry efforts

Initial hopes of progress at Iran nuke talks dashed, as Tehran reports no progress

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 04:54am EST

Narco culture surrounded slain Miss Honduras

Narco culture, machismo surrounded lives of slain Honduran beauty queen and sister

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 04:16am EST

Ukraine's Facebook revolution, 1 year later

Ukraine's Facebook revolution: 1 year later, a country struggles with economic crisis and war

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 03:56am EST

South Africa seeks to move rhinos from harm's way

South Africa creates rhino stronghold in flagship wildlife reserve to thwart poacher killings

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 03:38am EST

Al-Qaida in Yemen denounces Islamic State group

Al-Qaida in Yemen denounces Islamic State group's declaration of caliphate, expansionist plans

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 01:10am EST
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