Need for quake aid acute in Nepal

Shelter, fuel, food, medicine, power, news, workers — Nepal’s earthquake-hit capital was short on everything Monday as its people searched for lost loved ones, sorted through rubble for their belongings and struggled to provide for their families’ needs.

Image of Asia: Rescuing climbers at higher camps on Everest | Expats try phones, social apps to connect to quake-hit Nepal | The Latest on Nepal Quake: US soldiers stay in Nepal to help | Va. search and rescue team in Nepal | How to help
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Truckers at nation’s biggest port complex strike over wages

Truck drivers who haul goods from the Los Angeles port complex walked off the job Monday in a dispute over their wages and employee status.

Death toll from Pakistan storm rises to 45

The storm late Sunday in northwest Pakistan brought heavy rains and winds of up to 75 mph, causing hundreds of homes to collapse, uprooting trees and downing electric poles.

Local teens compete for a chance to win 20K

Local teens are prepping for a major national competition that kicks off this week. But their training doesn’t involve carb loading, stretching or weight training.

NL teams experimenting with pitchers hitting 8th

It sounds like the type of experiment you’d attempt as a joke in a video game, but at least four teams have tried it and there is logic behind the move.

DC Funk Parade returns to U Street

The second annual D.C. Funk Parade brings food, drink, dance and live music.

How your old CDs and DVDs can save the enviroment

Scientists have come up with a way to fight climate change using discarded CDs and DVDs.

'Deep, systemic problems' in workforce morale

Commentary: Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., wants to improve working conditions for federal workers by dealing with poorly performing employees more quickly.

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