Some notable social media gaffes, missteps

NYPD the latest, but certainly not the first, to feel wrath when Twitter campaign backfires

Updated 37 minutes, 13 seconds ago

Apple increases stock buyback, will split stock

Apple to split stock, increase stock buyback program, raise dividend as revenue growth slows

Updated 37 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Airport security vulnerabilities not uncommon

Airport security vulnerabilities that enabled teen to hitch flight to Hawaii not uncommon

Updated 37 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Zynga founder Pincus leaving operations role

Zynga founder Mark Pincus is stepping down as chief product officer; will remain chairman

Updated 37 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Study: Gene therapy may boost cochlear implants

Researchers add gene therapy to cochlear implants in deaf animals, aiming to improve hearing

Updated 38 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Microsoft expands ad-free Bing search for schools

Microsoft expands ad-free Bing searches for US schools from kindergarten through 12th grade

Updated 38 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Russian social media CEO quits, flees country

Founder of Russia's leading social media network quits company, flees country

Updated 41 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Facebook 1Q results soar; CFO to step down

Facebook's 1st-quarter soar to surpass expectations, CFO to step down

Updated 41 minutes, 50 seconds ago

Tech Tips: Add 2nd layer of protection online

Tech Tips: In wake of Heartbleed, add 2nd layer of protection to online accounts

Updated 42 minutes, 05 seconds ago

High court tosses $3.4M award to child porn victim

Victims of child pornography can be paid for their losses, but within limits, high court says

Updated 42 minutes, 09 seconds ago

Memory Lane: Traveling through time on Google maps

Google's 'Street View' maps add digital time capsules to provide visual retrospectives

Updated 42 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Attacks on payment systems trail other cybercrimes

Report: Attacks on payment systems grab headlines, but trail other kinds of cybercrime

Updated 58 minutes, 28 seconds ago

New social networks connect cooks and diners

New breed of peer-to-peer apps is moving the chef-diner relationship outside restaurants

Updated 06 minutes, 09 seconds ago

NASA: Engineer vital to moon landing success dies

John Houbolt, NASA engineer vital to 1969 moon landing success, dies at age 95

Updated 18 minutes, 28 seconds ago

Internet TV case: Justices skeptical, concerned

Broadcast TV on the Internet: Justices show skepticism, concern about possible ruling's effect

Updated 20 minutes, 25 seconds ago

Aereo CEO speaks on company, Supreme Court case

Aereo CEO speaks on future of company, challenge by broadcasters in Supreme Court

Updated 28 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Brazil enacts Internet 'Bill of Rights'

Brazil's new Internet 'Bill of Rights,' promotes privacy, ensures net neutrality

Updated 1 hours, 15 minutes ago

Splashy plan for pool in NYC's East River unveiled

Designers tout splashy plan for floating, filtered pool in New York City's East River

Updated 1 hours, 22 minutes ago

AT&T had strong 1Q on wireless installment plans

AT&T had strong 1st quarter on appeal of wireless installments plans

Updated 1 hours, 24 minutes ago

UN study: Cellphones can improve literacy

UNESCO study shows reading on cellphones can improve literacy in poor countries

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 02:40pm EDT
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