It's beginning to look a lot like 2016 to GOP govs

Republican governors jockey for positions as race for 2016 begins

Updated 03 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Southern Democrats urge a return to party basics

Sore from losing to GOP, Southern Democrats urge a return to familiar economic policies

Updated 04 minutes, 20 seconds ago

Eyeing 2016, Clinton selective on policy issues

Clinton taking a selective approach to policy issues as she considers 2016 campaign

Updated 04 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Namibia votes in election favoring ruling party

Namibia's ruling party, in power since 1990 independence, expected to win another election

Friday - 11/28/2014, 07:33am EST

Justice sent home after heart stent implanted

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg released from hospital after having heart stent implanted

Friday - 11/28/2014, 03:06am EST

Southern Democrats trying to recover lost ground

Dems try to recover lost ground in South by reclaiming identity as a champion of middle class

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 09:24pm EST

Alaska pot backer ordered to comply with subpoena

Campaign-fiance investigation moves forward against Alaska pot advocate who quit TV job on-air

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 08:10pm EST

New Ukraine parliament called to fight corruption

Ukraine's new pro-Western parliament called to fight corruption in justice system

Thursday - 11/27/2014, 11:10am EST

Judge puts Arizona 'revenge porn' law on hold

Arizona law against 'revenge porn' put on hold to let lawmakers address 1st Amendment issues

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 09:00pm EST

Herring continues to pay off campaign debt

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring is still chipping away at campaign debt related to a recount last year.

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 03:39pm EST

Ethics panel again defers to Justice on Rep. Grimm

House ethics panel defers to Justice Dept. in campaign finance probe of NY Rep. Michael Grimm

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 01:40pm EST

Colombia exhumes murdered guerrilla leader

Colombia digs up remains of guerrilla leader killed aboard airliner

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 12:50pm EST

Judge: FEC improperly narrowed disclosure rules

Rule that narrowed disclosure rules for corporations, labor organizations was impermissible

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 11:20am EST

10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today

Wednesday - 11/26/2014, 08:02am EST

Schumer to Dems: Make government help workers

Sen. Schumer tells Dems to make government work for middle class

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 08:54pm EST

Sauerbrey and Bentley to help Hogan transition

Hogan names Sauerbrey, Bentley and Duncan to transition team

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 05:00pm EST

Va. election official calls for equipment review

Va. election officials calls for review of voting equipment following Nov. 4 malfunctions

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:19pm EST

Tunisia runoff to feature revolution vs. stability

Symbols of Tunisia's old regime, democratic revolution to face off in presidential runoff

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 12:27pm EST

GOP wisdom shifts on immigration

Republican Party shifts on immigration with high stakes for 2016

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:08am EST

Thousands vote in Indian Kashmir amid boycott call

Thousands vote in state assembly elections in Indian Kashmir despite call for boycott

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 07:44am EST
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