Polish opposition questions election results

Poland's opposition leader suggests local election results were falsified

Updated 11 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Tunisians hold first fair presidential election

Tunisia holds landmark presidential election, with voters weighing achievements of revolution

Updated 11 minutes, 39 seconds ago

A way for GOP to defuse immigration issue?

Colorado Republicans show how party can combat Obama immigration gambit: Say 'No' nicely

Updated 12 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Midterm elections get a yawn, but not in Oregon

Midterm elections induced yawns among many Americans, but less so in Oregon

Updated 1 hours, 37 minutes ago

Analysis: Veto gives Obama edge on immigration

Analysis: Lawsuit, 2016 election are GOP's likely best bets to overturn Obama on immigration

Updated 1 hours, 37 minutes ago

Bahrain holds its first major vote since unrest

Opposition boycott looms over Bahrain's first full election since Arab Spring-inspired unrest

Sunday - 11/23/2014, 05:02am EST

Clinton: Obama immigration effort 'historic step'

Hillary Clinton lauds Obama's executive action on immigration, calling it an 'historic step'

Sunday - 11/23/2014, 04:30am EST

Poland's ruling party wins local elections

Final results in local Polish elections show win for ruling party; exit polls got it wrong

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 06:20pm EST

Obama: From 'deporter in chief' to 'gracias'

How It Happened: Obama's go-it-alone moves on immigration followed frustration from advocates

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 10:36am EST

Hillary Clinton backs Obama immigration move

Hillary Clinton voices support for Obama orders on immigration

Saturday - 11/22/2014, 03:38am EST

Sri Lanka leader to face health minister in polls

Sri Lankan ruling party cracks, President Rajapaksa to face health minister in January polls

Friday - 11/21/2014, 07:35pm EST

Polish PM: no repeat of bungled local elections

Poland's PM: state electoral authorities did a poor job, but no repeat of messy local vote

Friday - 11/21/2014, 12:20pm EST

10 Things to Know for Today

10 Things to Know for Today

Friday - 11/21/2014, 09:30am EST

Japan's lower house dissolved for early election

Japan's lower house dissolved for election in December as Abe seeks to shore up support

Friday - 11/21/2014, 08:27am EST

Tunisia heats up ahead of presidential election

Rhetoric heats up ahead of Tunisia's presidential election, last leg of democratic transition

Friday - 11/21/2014, 07:59am EST

UK anti-immigration party wins 2nd parliament seat

British anti-immigration party UKIP easily wins 2nd seat in parliament

Friday - 11/21/2014, 07:04am EST

Japan's lower house dissolved for snap election

Japan's lower house dissolved for election in December as Abe seeks to shore up support

Friday - 11/21/2014, 02:49am EST

NAACP blasts speaker-elect's racial comments

Local NAACP urges new pick for Nevada Assembly Speaker, cites Hansen's racial comments

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 10:20pm EST

Critics storm Poland's electoral body over delays

Protesters storm Poland's electoral HQs over delay in vote count

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 05:45pm EST

Bahrain elections missing key Shiite players

Bahrain's first vote since Arab Spring unrest to proceed despite majority Shiite boycott

Thursday - 11/20/2014, 02:20pm EST
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