Early votes exceed 15 million _ but who benefits?

Early voters already top 15 million in 31 states; both sides claim boost in battle for Senate

Updated 00 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Georgia, North Carolina midterms: Race matters

In Georgia, North Carolina, black voters could help Democrats preserve their Senate majority

Updated 00 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Baker insists fish tale true, got some info wrong

Fish tale focus in final days of Massachusetts governor's race; Baker says he got parts wrong

Updated 00 minutes, 04 seconds ago

Democrats in tight New England governor races

Blue state advantage? Not this year for Democrats locked in tough New England governor races

Updated 00 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Poll: Economy, health care eclipse social issues

Poll: Economy, health care are higher priorities than social issues days before 2014 election

Updated 00 minutes, 06 seconds ago

Illinois Dems dig deep to keep governor's office

In Obama's home state, a tough fight to keep governor's office in Democratic hands

Updated 01 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Navajo elections director agrees to postpone race

Navajo elections director faced with contempt charge agrees to later vote for tribal president

Updated 01 minutes, 46 seconds ago

Republicans take big lead in Colorado early voting

Republicans take big lead over Democrats in Colorado's early voting, but will it last?

Updated 01 minutes, 47 seconds ago

3 California counties voting on fracking bans

3 coastal California counties weigh whether to ban fracking, other intensive oil production

Updated 09 minutes, 47 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: Small Alaska town welcomes big politics

AP PHOTOS: Small town, big politics: Senate candidates fish for votes in remote Alaska village

Updated 1 hours, 33 minutes ago

Hillary Clinton praises possible primary rivals

With 2016 not yet in sight, Clinton praises potential Democratic rivals at campaign events

Friday - 10/31/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Warner gets help from group founded by Giffords

US Sen. Mark Warner gets help from group founded by former US Rep Gabby Giffords

Friday - 10/31/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Landrieu revisits Hurricane Katrina in Senate race

Democrat Landrieu revisits her brokering of Hurricane Katrina aid in Louisiana's Senate race

Friday - 10/31/2014, 04:22pm EDT

Va. Republicans will appeal redistricting ruling

Republican congressmen from Va. appeal to US Supreme Court redistricting ruling

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:48pm EDT

D.C. mayor candidates make last pitch to voters

Candidates for D.C. mayor are asking residents what values they want in a leader as they try to woo undecided voters in the final days before Tuesday's general election.

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:25pm EDT

TV space for campaign ads hard to find this late

Into thin airtime: TV ad space becomes scarce or nonexistent this late in campaign season

Friday - 10/31/2014, 02:06pm EDT

Poll shows Warner ahead by 7 percentage points

Poll shows Mark Warner ahead by 7 percentage points over GOP challenger Ed Gillespie

Friday - 10/31/2014, 01:10pm EDT

Zambia's acting president appeals for calm

Zambia's acting leader: Security forces won't tolerate unrest while nation mourns president

Friday - 10/31/2014, 11:40am EDT

8.3 percent of those eligible voted early in Md.

8.3 percent of eligible voters cast ballots early in Maryland

Friday - 10/31/2014, 11:37am EDT

Saturday last day to vote absentee in person

Saturday last day to vote absentee in person in Virginia; 95,000 have voted so far

Friday - 10/31/2014, 11:20am EDT
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