Saturday last day to vote absentee in person

Saturday last day to vote absentee in person in Virginia; 95,000 have voted so far

Updated 03 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Poll: Economy, health care eclipse social issues

Poll: Economy, health care are higher priorities than social issues days before 2014 election

Updated 03 minutes, 55 seconds ago

Landrieu revisits Hurricane Katrina in Senate race

Democrat Landrieu revisits her brokering of Hurricane Katrina aid in Louisiana's Senate race

Updated 03 minutes, 57 seconds ago

Illinois Dems dig deep to keep governor's office

In Obama's home state, a tough fight to keep governor's office in Democratic hands

Updated 03 minutes, 59 seconds ago

TV space for campaign ads hard to find this late

Into thin airtime: TV ad space becomes scarce or nonexistent this late in campaign season

Updated 04 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Hillary Clinton praises possible primary rivals

With 2016 not yet in sight, Clinton praises potential Democratic rivals at campaign events

Updated 04 minutes, 01 seconds ago

AP PHOTOS: Small Alaska town welcomes big politics

AP PHOTOS: Small town, big politics: Senate candidates fish for votes in remote Alaska village

Updated 04 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Obama urges Snyder's defeat despite common ground

Obama to urge Snyder's defeat despite common ground; Dems cheer visit, GOP says it's liability

Updated 05 minutes, 56 seconds ago

Zambia's acting president appeals for calm

Zambia's acting leader: Security forces won't tolerate unrest while nation mourns president

Updated 16 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Spain seeks to halt informal Catalan breakup vote

Spanish gov't urges top court to block Catalonia's plans for alternative independence vote

Updated 47 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Language fluency case back before Navajo court

Dispute centered on fluency requirement in Navajo Nation presidential race back in court

Friday - 10/31/2014, 05:10am EDT

Roberts' primary foe urges Kansans to vote for him

Defeated GOP primary opponent urges Kansas voters to support Sen. Roberts' re-election

Friday - 10/31/2014, 04:20am EDT

Obama rallies Maine voters, avoids spat over Ebola

Obama rallies Mainers to vote for Democrat in governor race, avoids the state spat over Ebola

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:42am EDT

Sen. Landrieu's remarks on race anger Republicans

Republicans demand apology from Sen. Landrieu for linking Obama unpopularity in South to race

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:37am EDT

Want to buy a New Hampshire election ad? Good luck

No room on the tube: Last-minute ads so in demand, campaigns being told shows are overbooked

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:36am EDT

Christie hopes for 'big, fat blowout' for Branstad

Backing Iowa's Branstad, Christie says he's hoping for 'big, fat blowout win'

Friday - 10/31/2014, 03:24am EDT

Campaign brings Clinton, O'Malley to same event

Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley: 2 potential 2016 candidates appear at same campaign event

Friday - 10/31/2014, 02:42am EDT

Kansas State football coach endorses Sen. Roberts

New TV ad for GOP Sen. Roberts features endorsement from Kansas State football coach Snyder

Thursday - 10/30/2014, 11:30pm EDT

First presidential debate in works for Republicans

On eve of midterms, first presidential debate for Republicans scheduled for September 2015

Thursday - 10/30/2014, 09:50pm EDT

Colorado House candidates debate in Spanish

Colorado candidates debate in Spanish as they run in district with growing Hispanic population

Thursday - 10/30/2014, 09:25pm EDT
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