Germany arrests suspected jihadist back from Syria

Germany arrests suspected jihadist returned from Syria, checking links to Islamic State group

Monday - 09/22/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Germany asks soldiers to volunteer to fight Ebola

German defense minister asks soldiers: Any volunteers to fight Ebola?

Monday - 09/22/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Romania's spy chief quits, will run for president

Romania's foreign spy chief quits to run for president, fueling debate over spies in politics

Monday - 09/22/2014, 12:18pm EDT

German employers struggle to find apprentices

Amid Europe's jobs drama, German employers face different problem: finding new apprentices

Monday - 09/22/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Kiev notes progress on eastern Ukraine cease-fire

Kiev notes progress on east Ukraine cease-fire, says rebels withdrawing some heavy artillery

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:50am EDT

Draghi: Euro recovery losing momentum

European central bank head touts stimulus programs, warns of geopolitical risks, slow reforms

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:30am EDT

Greek authorities confront smugglers, 3 injured

3 hurt in Aegean Sea as migrant smugglers confront Greek coast guard patrol boat

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:30am EDT

Whaling meeting votes against Japan's hunt

International whaling conference votes against Japan's Antarctic hunt

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:20am EDT

New Polish govt loses some foreign policy heft

New Polish govt loses some of its foreign policy heft with departure of 2 strong politicians

Monday - 09/22/2014, 11:10am EDT

IAEA urges Iran to meet investigation request

IAEA urges Iran to meet request for new areas of nuclear program investigation

Monday - 09/22/2014, 10:30am EDT

Striking pilots reject Air France low-cost delay

Striking pilots reject Air France plan to delay expansion of low-cost carrier Transavia

Monday - 09/22/2014, 10:19am EDT

Germany organizing conference on refugee crisis

Germany organizing international conference on refugee crisis created by Iraq, Syria conflicts

Monday - 09/22/2014, 10:10am EDT

Fashion-fearless Klum takes on Milan

Dolce&Gabbana present fierce matador looks, while Marni opens with monastic solemnity

Monday - 09/22/2014, 10:00am EDT

Blair: Airstrikes not enough to beat Islamic State

Blair: Airstrikes alone won't defeat Islamic State; West must be ready to commit ground forces

Monday - 09/22/2014, 08:50am EDT

Syria refugee flood to Turkey hits 100,000

100,000 Syrians pour into Turkey telling of atrocities as Islamic State group advances

Monday - 09/22/2014, 04:02am EDT

Thousands march in Moscow against Ukraine fighting

Thousands march through central Moscow to demonstrate against fighting in Ukraine

Monday - 09/22/2014, 12:12am EDT

Investigators at loss to explain Air Algerie crash

Investigators at loss to explain crash of Air Algerie jet that killed 116

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 05:56pm EDT

Erdogan: Turkey won't give hostage release details

Turkish president vows to keep the secret behind release of 49 hostages held by Islamic State

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 04:39pm EDT

France's Sarkozy makes comeback TV appearance

France's Sarkozy uses first TV appearance to launch campaign for political comeback

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Ship saves 55 migrants off Libya; several die

Italian Coast Guard: 55 migrants saved in Libyan waters but several others die in capsizing

Sunday - 09/21/2014, 02:50pm EDT
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