Germany bans Hezbollah-linked fundraising group

Germany bans Hezbollah-linked group that raised about $4.5 million from supporters

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 07:50am EDT

Iran, 6 powers seek to narrow nuclear differences

Iran, 6 powers seek to narrow differences at nuclear talks but substantial differences remain

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 06:52am EDT

Latvia, Lithuania ban Russian state TV broadcasts

Latvia joins Lithuania in temporary ban against Russian TV broadcasts for 'biased' reporting

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 06:10am EDT

Pro-Russians call east Ukraine region independent

Pro-Russian activists declare east Ukrainian region independent, call for referendum

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 02:10am EDT

Liechtenstein manhunt seeks shooter at bank

Liechtenstein manhunt seeks suspect in fatal shooting of CEO of Bank Frick

Monday - 04/07/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Adichie, Lahiri on women's fiction prize shortlist

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Jhumpa Lahiri, Donna Tartt on shortlist for fiction's Women's Prize

Monday - 04/07/2014, 06:28pm EDT

Trans-Dniester leader wants independence

Separatist leader says his pro-Russian region wants independence and then to join Russia

Monday - 04/07/2014, 05:31pm EDT

German prosecutors probe AP photographer's killing

German prosecutors open probe into killing of AP photographer in Afghanistan

Monday - 04/07/2014, 04:07pm EDT

Softer image helps far-right's gains in Hungary

Softer image, mainstream issues help Hungary's far-right Jobbik party make election gains

Monday - 04/07/2014, 03:35pm EDT

GSK launches probe into Iraq bribery claims

Drug giant GSK launches probe into allegations it bribed doctors in Iraq

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:58pm EDT

3 UAE women attacked with hammer at London hotel

UK police seek man who attacked 3 sisters from UAE with hammer at fancy London hotel

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Srebrenica widows sue Dutch government

Srebrenica mothers, widows sue Dutch government for failure to protect their men in massacre

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:16pm EDT

Iraq signs preliminary deal for Czech planes

Iraq signs preliminary agreement to buy Czech-made military planes

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:30pm EDT

German collector in deal on handling of art hoard

German authorities reach agreement with reclusive collector on handling of art hoard case

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:10pm EDT

German far-right party hit by sex scandal

German far-right party's No. 2 quits in scandal over phallic cake, porn actress

Monday - 04/07/2014, 11:30am EDT

New French finance minister coy on deficit hopes

New French finance minister, in Germany, sees need to balance growth with budget commitments

Monday - 04/07/2014, 09:06am EDT

Irish president to make 1st state visit to Britain

Ireland's president making state visit to Britain this week; 1st since Irish independence

Monday - 04/07/2014, 08:50am EDT

Spain smashes Iran missile material export plan

Spanish police arrest gang that allegedly planned to send missile-making machinery to Iran

Monday - 04/07/2014, 08:10am EDT

Hungary prime minister wins 3rd term

Hungarian prime minister wins 3rd term as far-right party makes significant gains

Monday - 04/07/2014, 05:02am EDT

Married couples separated by German language test

Germans who marry foreigners separated from beloved by strict German language requirements

Monday - 04/07/2014, 03:28am EDT
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