Analysis: Putin likely to ignore West on Ukraine

Analysis: Putin has few reasons to heed West's calls to defuse crisis in Ukraine

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 03:46am EDT

Syrian rebels make last stand for Homs

Weakened rebels in last stand for Homs, capital of Syrian revolution, as Assad forces advance

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 03:46am EDT

Missouri executes inmate for 1993 farm slaying

Missouri executes inmate William Rousan, who was convicted of killing a farming couple in 1993

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 02:46am EDT

SKorea ferry toll hits 146 as search gets tougher

SKorea ferry toll hits 146 as search gets tougher; divers break cabin walls to reach victims

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 02:29am EDT

Activity at NKorea site hints at nuke test preps

US institute: More activity seen at NKorean site, but nuke test does not appear imminent

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 02:08am EDT

Sen. Rand Paul says school choice could expand GOP

GOP presidential prospect Rand Paul promotes school choice in Chicago as way to expand party

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 01:36am EDT

Advocates vow to revive Navajo junk-food tax

Proposed Navajo Nation junk-food tax falls short of needed votes; advocates vow to revive it

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 11:40pm EDT

Republicans in NC's Senate race trade few hits

GOP hopefuls in NC's Senate race offer little direct criticism of front-runner in debate

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:58pm EDT

NYPD's Twitter request for photos backfires

NYPD's Twitter campaign request for photos backfires when people send in police brutality pics

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:52pm EDT

Hundreds in Mexico protest telecommunications law

Hundreds in Mexico protest telecommunications reform they say will allow for censorship

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:50pm EDT

Colombia court reinstates ousted Bogota mayor

Colombia court reinstates ousted Bogota mayor in latest twist in ongoing legal saga

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:40pm EDT

Lawmakers trying to restrict solitary confinement

Colorado prisons bill highlights growing national effort to limit solitary confinement

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:38pm EDT

Chile amends constitution to allow expat voting

Exile victory: Chile changes constitution to enable voting by citizens outside the country

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:38pm EDT

UN committee takes no action on Iran envoy dispute

UN committee takes no action on US refusal to grant a visa to Iranian chosen as UN ambassador

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:30pm EDT

New Jersey panel orders testimony on traffic jams

New Jersey lawmakers issue subpoenas ordering 4 to testify on traffic jams

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Christie talks to NJ leaders on Washington trip

New Jersey Gov. Christie gives business, political leaders pep talk in Washington

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:40pm EDT

Ex-CEO wins Republican primary for Radel's seat

Former CEO wins GOP primary for seat vacated by cocaine-using Florida congressman

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:40pm EDT

Duke: Moving coal ash would cost up to $10 billion

Duke Energy: Moving coal ash away from NC rivers and lakes would cost up to $10 billion

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:40pm EDT

Albuquerque police officer fatally shoots woman

Albuquerque chief: Officer fatally shoots woman who police say pointed gun during chase

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Court: Ohio man must pay $489,000 for false call

Court orders Ohio man to pay $489,000 for false distress call that triggered a massive search

Tuesday - 04/22/2014, 09:10pm EDT
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