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Image of Asia: On the street in Old Delhi

Image of Asia: On the street in Old Delhi

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 11:30am EDT

Activists: Jihadi killed near Syria-Lebanon border

Activists: Senior jihadi leader of Islamic State group killed near Syria-Lebanon border

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 10:50am EDT

Syria strikes militants as US targets them in Iraq

As US bombs Islamic State group in Iraq, Syria's embattled president strikes them at home

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 10:10am EDT

Pistorius brother out of ICU after car crash

Family: Oscar Pistorius' brother out of ICU, had suffered respiratory failure after car crash

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 10:04am EDT

Pope OKs protecting Iraq minorities, wants UN OK

Pope endorses efforts to protect Iraq minorities, but says UN should approve intervention

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 06:28am EDT

Obama: Iraq forces retake Mosul Dam from militants

Obama says Iraqi forces retake Mosul Dam, seized by Islamic militants earlier this month

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 05:42am EDT

Ukraine: Dozens killed in shelling of convoy

Ukraine: Dozens of civilians killed when convoy shelled; Rebels claim no attack took place

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 05:32am EDT

A buyer's market at gun bazaar in Kurdish town

Dealers drastically cut prices at gun bazaar in Kurdish city as US airstrikes slow militants

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 04:52am EDT

Growing unrest sets back Liberia's Ebola fight

As Ebola deaths mount, health workers must overcome growing unrest, panic in Liberia

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 03:32am EDT

Egypt: No deal yet on Gaza cease-fire, more talks

Egypt: No deal yet on Gaza cease-fire, talks to continue for 24 hours

Tuesday - 08/19/2014, 02:54am EDT

Iceland warns of possible volcanic eruption

Iceland warns of possible volcanic eruption; closes roads near volcano

Monday - 08/18/2014, 10:20pm EDT

Fall on France's Mont Blanc kills 3 more climbers

Fall on Mont Blanc kills 2 climbers, guide; latest deaths on Western Europe's highest mountain

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:54pm EDT

Grief, relief as ravaged Ukrainian town rebuilds

Amid shattered glass and lives, shell-shocked Lysychansk rebuilds after Ukraine ousts rebels

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:48pm EDT

South Africa: 8 killed in building collapse

South Africa: Emergency responders report 8 killed in building collapse near Johannesburg

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:26pm EDT

Pope confirms hopes for 3-city US trip in 2015

Pope confirms hopes for US trip in 2015: Philadelphia, Washington, New York _ and maybe Mexico

Monday - 08/18/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Reports: Islamic State group kills Syria tribesmen

Activists say extremist Islamic State group kills hundreds of tribesmen in eastern Syria

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:40pm EDT

In Gaza, emotional wounds of war remain unhealed

Emotional wounds of Gaza war remain unhealed as hundreds of thousands likely need counseling

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:34pm EDT

Scotland's pro-independence leader vows victory

Scotland's pro-independence leader says victory is on the way, one month from referendum

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:31pm EDT

Somali pirate leader arrested in Mogadishu

Somali pirate leader arrested in Mogadishu on piracy related charges

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:30pm EDT

Rick Warren hopes to expand ministry in Africa

US pastor Rick Warren hopes to expand his ministry to East Africa after years spent in Rwanda

Monday - 08/18/2014, 02:20pm EDT
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