Albanian arrested for alleged Syria recruitment

Albanian police arrest man for allegedly recruiting Muslims to join Syrian rebels

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 02:20pm EDT

Hair salon's Kim Jong Un poster riles embassy

London salon gets visit from North Korean officials over Kim Jong Un 'bad hair' poster

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 02:10pm EDT

Diplomat appointed to head UK eavesdropping agency

Diplomat who has advised on counterterrorism appointed to head UK's GCHQ eavesdropping agency

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Teacher at UK school accused of anti-Semitic slur

Teacher at top UK girls school accused of making anti-Semitic comment to misbehaving student

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Berlusconi given community service for tax fraud

Italy: Berlusconi assigned community service at home for the elderly for tax fraud conviction

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 11:12am EDT

German company starts gas deliveries to Ukraine

Germany's RWE starts reverse-flow natural gas deliveries to Ukraine

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 11:10am EDT

Nestle sales up despite slack prices in Europe

Food company Nestle sees sales rise 4.2 percent in Q1 despite weak prices in Europe

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 10:00am EDT

German economic confidence slips on Ukraine worry

Germany's ZEW index of economic confidence falls on worries about impact of Ukraine conflict

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 08:40am EDT

UN court upholds Mladic charges at trial midpoint

UN war crimes tribunal upholds charges against Gen. Ratko Mladic at trial's midway point

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:21am EDT

UN cites human rights violations in Ukraine

UN human rights report on Ukraine points out many violations that led to Maidan protests

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:10am EDT

Migrant-smuggling suspect killed in Greece

Migrant-smuggling suspect killed in Greece following chase at sea

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:01am EDT

French school carries out DNA dragnet in rape case

French school carries out DNA dragnet of 527 potential rape suspects:

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 04:50am EDT

EU moves to sanction more Russians over Ukraine

EU ministers decide to sanction more Russians, but hope talks will end Ukraine crisis

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:30am EDT

Ukraine struggles as east slips out of its control

Ukraine struggles as east slips out of its control, seeks UN peace-keeping support

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:06am EDT

Putin to Obama: Russia not behind Ukraine protests

Putin urges Obama to discourage Ukraine from using force against protesters

Monday - 04/14/2014, 09:50pm EDT

Politician's anti-Semitism sparks outcry in Italy

Italian politician posts anti-Semitic comment on blog, angers Jewish leaders

Monday - 04/14/2014, 05:20pm EDT

More chemicals shipped out of Syria

Another consignment of chemicals leaves Syria, but a deadline is missed

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:51pm EDT

EU to sanction more Russians over Ukraine policy

EU official: Trade bloc decides to sanction more Russians with asset freeze, visa ban

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:40pm EDT

World trade predicted to improve next year

World trade body predicts global commerce will grow by 5.3 percent in 2015

Monday - 04/14/2014, 03:20pm EDT

UN expert urges Iran to halt woman's execution

UN rights investigator urges Iran to halt execution of woman said to be victim of sex assault

Monday - 04/14/2014, 01:20pm EDT
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