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UK's Cameron hopes defeat abroad helps at home

UK's Cameron hopes lopsided defeat in Brussels helps win anti-EU voters at home

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 09:56am EDT

Protesters disrupt China envoy's Taiwan trip

Protesters disrupt Chinese envoy's historic Taiwan visit, throw paint on motorcade

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 09:37am EDT

Libya buries slain prominent activist

Partial election results announced as Libya buries prominent female activist, in eastern city

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 07:30am EDT

Russia denies involvement in Polish tape scandal

Russia's Lavrov says eavesdropping scandal in Poland reveals 'realism' about U.S.

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 07:26am EDT

Pope tired but smiling amid new health concerns

Pope tired but smiling amid new health concerns as he has busy day of audiences

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 06:32am EDT

Yemen ceasefire breached as violence flares anew

Yemen's short-lived ceasefire breached as violence flares anew between rebels, tribes

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 06:10am EDT

Vatican defrocks ex-ambassador in sex abuse case

Vatican ex-ambassador defrocked for sex abuse, faces possible jail time in pending trial

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 05:14am EDT

Ukraine signs historic EU pact, snubbing Russia

Ukraine signs trade deal with EU over Moscow's objections; Russia fends off new sanctions

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 04:12am EDT

Iraq's top cleric urges quick deal on new PM

Iraq's top Shiite cleric calls for quick deal on new prime minister amid insurgent onslaught

Saturday - 06/28/2014, 03:40am EDT

Nigerian intelligence agency: We warned malls

Nigerian intelligence says it warned Abuja malls of threat of attacks; witnesses saw car bomb

Friday - 06/27/2014, 10:08pm EDT

Beyond cure? Europe euthanasia rulings sear debate

European court rulings question assisted-suicide and euthanasia; French doctor acquitted

Friday - 06/27/2014, 09:20pm EDT

A look at Iraq's key political players

A look at Iraqi politicians considered possible candidates to replace embattled prime minister

Friday - 06/27/2014, 09:18pm EDT

Syrian rebels likely to receive US aid

A look at Syrian rebels likely to receive US training, aid

Friday - 06/27/2014, 08:10pm EDT

French moms may spend less time in maternity wards

France considers reducing mothers' time in maternity wards to save money on state health care

Friday - 06/27/2014, 06:50pm EDT

Google begins editing European search results

The purge begins: Google removing some results in Europe after 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Friday - 06/27/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Bosnian Serbs erect statue to man who ignited WWI

Bosnian Serbs mark the WWI centennial separately from the rest of Europe

Friday - 06/27/2014, 04:15pm EDT

NSA fears prompt Germany to end Verizon contract

Fearing NSA surveillance, German govt ends Verizon contract for Internet services

Friday - 06/27/2014, 03:38pm EDT

Syrian opposition asks for help in 2-front fight

Beleaguered Syrian opposition asks for more US aid against insurgency, fight against Assad

Friday - 06/27/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Pope Francis again cancels event, citing ailment

Pope Francis, 77, cancels visit to Rome hospital; 3rd time this month he scales back

Friday - 06/27/2014, 02:47pm EDT

Tour de France marks World War I centennial

At crossroads of sport and war, Tour de France marks World War I centennial along battlefields

Friday - 06/27/2014, 02:24pm EDT
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