Bookish baby boy born in LA-area Barnes & Noble

Los Angeles-area Barnes & Noble turns maternity ward as firefighters deliver bookish baby boy

Tuesday - 10/22/2013, 07:20pm EDT

Correction: Giant Fish story

Correction: Giant Fish story

Tuesday - 10/22/2013, 05:10pm EDT

Pa. mayor asks residents: Please don't vote for me

Small-town Pa. mayor up for re-election changes mind, asks residents: Please don't vote for me

Tuesday - 10/22/2013, 01:10pm EDT

Be nice: Tuesday is 'Snark-Free Day'

A group of public relations experts are attempting to civilize the nation for 24 hours by asking folks to stay snark-free for one day.

Tuesday - 10/22/2013, 07:40am EDT

Iraq veteran's SpongeBob gravestone removed

2-time Iraq war veteran's SpongeBob gravestone removed by historic cemetery

Monday - 10/21/2013, 10:42pm EDT

Dog that crashed half marathon dies a week later

Indiana dog that crashed half marathon, received medal, dies of heart attack a week later

Monday - 10/21/2013, 07:02pm EDT

Obama helps woman during health care speech

President Barack Obama helped a pregnant woman who was losing her balancing during a speech on the roll out of the new health care law at the White House Monday.

Monday - 10/21/2013, 06:27pm EDT

Hand-holding dog goes for a ride (Video)

Most dogs like to be near their owners at all times, even when it comes to traveling.

Monday - 10/21/2013, 03:19pm EDT

Putin's crane is found after losing its way

Endangered crane from 'Putin's flock' is flown to Moscow after losing its way in Siberia

Monday - 10/21/2013, 02:16pm EDT

Dutch Supreme Court: Dog tax is not discrimination

Dutch Supreme Court rules it's not discriminatory to tax people for owning dogs

Monday - 10/21/2013, 01:40pm EDT

Mom delivers her own baby on way to Pa. hospital

Mom delivers own baby, wraps her in flannel shirt while being driven to Pittsburgh hospital

Monday - 10/21/2013, 10:10am EDT

Cat caught carrying marijuana into Moldovan prison

Courier carrying pot into prison is caught in Moldova _ and it's a cat

Monday - 10/21/2013, 08:20am EDT

Deadly Halloween tableau too realistic for some

Halloween display depicting fatalities at Oklahoma home frightens neighbors, prompts 911 call

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 07:42pm EDT

Endangered Israeli eagle falls prey to Hezbollah

Israeli bird expert outraged after Hezbollah captures endangered eagle and claims espionage

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 04:20pm EDT

Ohio woman charged in theft of $2.87 from fountain

Ohio woman charged with stealing $2.87 in change from fountain says she wanted to buy food

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 01:40pm EDT

Rare whale found dead in Southern California

Rare saber-tooth whale found dead on Venice Beach in Southern California

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 01:20pm EDT

World's largest pumpkins in the Big Apple

New York City's "Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend" kicked off at Grand Central Station Friday as master carver Ray Villafane sculpted a carnivorous plant from parts of some of the world's largest pumpkins.

Saturday - 10/19/2013, 02:38am EDT

Necropsy finds 5 fish hooks in dolphin in Hawaii

Rare dolphin found dead on Hawaii beach swallowed 5 fish hooks, but they didn't cause death

Friday - 10/18/2013, 11:16pm EDT

Evidence suggests early Britons ate roasted toads

Frog-eating French have unlikely company: dig near Stonehenge suggests early Britons ate toad

Friday - 10/18/2013, 02:36pm EDT

Play 'Super Mario Bros.' through your Internet browser (Video)

A warning for anyone who was alive in the 1980s: Forget getting anything accomplished at your job ever again.

Friday - 10/18/2013, 12:38pm EDT
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