Wedding rings swapped for Chiefs tickets

Wedding rings swapped for tickets to Chiefs games against Chargers, Broncos

Monday - 11/18/2013, 07:38pm EST

Man charged with driving BMW down 'Rocky' steps

Philadelphia police charge man with driving BMW down museum steps made famous in 'Rocky'

Monday - 11/18/2013, 07:38pm EST

Florida won't repeat public python hunt next year

Florida won't repeat public hunt for invasive Burmese pythons in the Everglades next year

Monday - 11/18/2013, 01:51pm EST

Chicago mayor, comic engage over deep-dish diss

Chicago mayor, Daily Show comedian engage over deep-dish diss

Friday - 11/15/2013, 10:50pm EST

Cops: Pa. man stole backhoe, drove miles to Philly

Police say suburban man stole backhoe, drove it more than 30 miles to Philadelphia scrapyard

Friday - 11/15/2013, 02:10pm EST

Pet kangaroo gets loose, causes stir in West Texas

Pet kangaroo gets loose, causes stir in West Texas; later captured and returned to owner

Friday - 11/15/2013, 02:10pm EST

Man held for didgeridoo attack on S. Calif. cab

Police: Man arrested after whacking taxi with didgeridoo in San Diego County

Friday - 11/15/2013, 02:10pm EST

Pa. paper: Sorry for panning Gettysburg Address

150 years later, Pennsylvania newspaper apologizes for panning Gettysburg Address

Friday - 11/15/2013, 01:12pm EST

Images show woman on Chicago train with alligator

Chicago Transit Authority releases images of woman who may have left alligator at O'Hare

Friday - 11/15/2013, 01:12pm EST

Montana baby born on 11-12-13 at 14:15

Montana baby Nicollette Anders born on 11-12-13 at 14:15

Friday - 11/15/2013, 12:41pm EST

Jon Stewart settles New York-Chicago pizza debate (Video)

Jon Stewart has settled the pizza debate once and for all.

Friday - 11/15/2013, 10:47am EST

Toy dinosaurs take over November (Photos)

Move over facial hair, November is no longer reserved for mustaches.

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 07:40pm EST

Copper thieves cut power to Pa. veterans group

Copper thieves cut power to Pa. veterans' group on Veterans Day; utility workers fix it

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 07:30pm EST

'Asian unicorn' caught on film for first time this century

An animal so rare it's called an unicorn has had its picture taken for the first time this century.

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 01:35pm EST

McRib or McTripe? Either way, it's back

Once again, the McDonald's McRib sandwich has returned.

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 11:39am EST

Japanese man runs on arms and legs to new record

Japanese 'monkey' man breaks his own Guinness record for running on his arms and legs

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 06:42am EST

The face of healthcare speaks about cyberbullying (Video)

Few know her name, but millions know her face.

Thursday - 11/14/2013, 02:27am EST

And the English word used most on the Internet is ...

Can you guess the English word written most often on the Internet in 2013?

Wednesday - 11/13/2013, 02:34pm EST

Squatting for your metro fare (Video)

Perform 30 squats and you get to ride free on Moscow's subway.

Wednesday - 11/13/2013, 02:30pm EST

Indian dog goes from junkyard to Mount Everest (Video)

From a junkyard to (almost) the top of the world. Rescue dog Rupee has had quite the life journey.

Wednesday - 11/13/2013, 11:43am EST
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