Baby abandoned on Fourth of July in Md.

A local resident called police late Saturday after finding an infant in a car seat on the side of the road. A woman claiming to be the child's mother has contacted police. An active investigation is underway.

1 dead following single-vehicle collision in Montgomery County | Man found dead along Anne Arundel County pathway | Police identify 2 killed in Baltimore | More Local News
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320-acre wildfire threatens homes in Northern California

A wildfire that has burned more than 320 acres is threatening homes in a Northern California city.

Greek campaigns, neck and neck, reach dramatic finale

Voters are in a dead heat over whether to defy creditors and push for better repayment terms or essentially seek new political leadership to find a compromise.

Sunburn art is trending and doctors are speaking out

Many people who see their skin as a blank canvas for art get a tattoo, but what about getting something else that may be just as permanent?

Trey Songz talks about lacking relationship with his father

Trey Songz rarely talks about his father. It’s because the R&B singer hasn’t spoken to him in more than four years.

D.C. fan experience rankings

We can all argue which D.C. professional sports team is the best or most popular, but which is the best to watch in person as a fan?

Farmers eager for drones, but most can’t legally fly them

Could drones replace humans on large farms? Some farmers think so, but may have to wait.

Have you visited the deep, dark web recently?

Federal Drive host Tom Temin says agencies will need to exploit the deep Web after the OPM data breach.

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