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Bill Clinton: Extend all tax cuts temporarily

Former President Bill Clinton said Tuesday that broad tax cuts that expire in January should be temporarily renewed, including for the wealthiest Americans, to give lawmakers time to reach a deal on a longer-term extension that should exclude the rich.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 09:46pm EDT

McCain says classified leaks done to boost Obama

President Barack Obama's 2008 Republican rival on Tuesday accused senior administration officials of leaking classified information to news organizations to boost the Democrat's national security reputation and re-election chances.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 06:15pm EDT

Biden: Don't trade student loans for health care

With a deadline looming, Vice President Joe Biden says the Obama administration is examining a proposal from congressional Republican leaders on how to prevent interest rates on some student loans from doubling.

Tuesday - 06/05/2012, 02:06pm EDT

Obama urges Senate passage of equal pay bill

President Barack Obama is calling on the Senate to pass legislation that aims to assist women to earn the same pay as men. The bill is not expected to win the support it needs to advance.

Monday - 06/04/2012, 01:06pm EDT

Alongside Obama, George W. Bush steals the WH show

It's Barack Obama's house now, but his predecessor and political foil, George W. Bush, stole the show at the White House on Thursday with his wisecracks and grin.

Thursday - 05/31/2012, 09:32pm EDT

House GOP releases documents on health care deals

The White House played political hardball with drug industry honchos to get a 2009 deal that helped keep health care overhaul legislation from bogging down in Congress, according to internal emails released Thursday by House Republicans.

Thursday - 05/31/2012, 04:12pm EDT

Biography recounts Obama's path to Rev. Wright

A new biography that traces Barack Obama's path from birth _ yes, in Hawaii _ to Harvard Law School, sketches the pragmatism and politics of the future president's early choices, including his first connections to Jeremiah Wright, the inflammatory preacher whom Obama severed ties with during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Thursday - 05/31/2012, 02:49pm EDT

US levies new sanctions on key Syrian bank

WASHINGTON _ The Obama administration added new sanctions on a Syrian bank Wednesday as a top White House official said the U.S. wants to economically throttle the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and cut off salaries of pro-government thugs blamed for the grisly massacre in Houla.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 07:13pm EDT

White House issues veto threat on veterans bill

The White House is warning that President Barack Obama will veto a widely popular House spending bill for veterans' programs and construction projects at military bases.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 05:51pm EDT

Obama's health care aid to small firms disappoints

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Wednesday - 05/30/2012, 08:30am EDT

White House: Obama misspoke on 'Polish death camp'

The White House said President Barack Obama misspoke on Tuesday when he referred to a "Polish death camp" while honoring a Polish war hero.

Tuesday - 05/29/2012, 10:08pm EDT

Obama to honor Medal of Freedom recipients

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will honor a diverse cross-section of political and cultural icons _ including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, astronaut John Glenn, basketball coach Pat Summitt and rock legend Bob Dylan _ with the Medal of Freedom at a White House ceremony Tuesday.

Tuesday - 05/29/2012, 08:09am EDT

First lady sponsoring future Navy submarine

First lady Michelle Obama is sponsoring a future Navy submarine named after her home state.

Monday - 05/28/2012, 04:24pm EDT

Obama on the defensive on spending, debt

Government spending and debt are emerging as a campaign tug-of-war, with Mitt Romney blaming President Barack Obama for a "prairie fire of debt" and Obama calling the charge a "cowpie of distortion." House Speaker John Boehner is talking about a debt ceiling that is still more than eight months away.

Saturday - 05/26/2012, 03:59pm EDT

Biden says end to wars gives US new flexibility

Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday that the United States can now focus on new global challenges after a long decade of war in an election-year commencement address to jubilant graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Saturday - 05/26/2012, 02:39pm EDT

Biden recalls pain after death of wife, daughter

Visibly pained, Vice President Joe Biden recalls the wrenching sorrow of losing his first wife and his daughter to a car accident in 1972.

Friday - 05/25/2012, 05:18pm EDT

Officials ponder hurricane threat when GOP gathers

The Republican National Convention scheduled in Tampa for late August would be among the casualties if the area were threatened then by a hurricane, Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll said Wednesday.

Wednesday - 05/23/2012, 04:41pm EDT

Obama praises Joplin's resiliency after tornado

One year after a deadly tornado devastated their city, President Barack Obama praised the residents of Joplin, Mo., for a spirit of perseverance and resiliency that he said could serve as a model for a nation still grinding its way through tough economic times.

Tuesday - 05/22/2012, 12:26am EDT

Obama snubs Pakistan head over supply routes

In an unmistakable snub, President Barack Obama left Pakistan off a list of nations he thanked Monday for help getting war supplies into Afghanistan.

Monday - 05/21/2012, 10:59pm EDT

Who will drones target? Who in the US will decide?

White House counterterror chief John Brennan has seized the lead in guiding the debate on which terror leaders will be targeted for drone attacks or raids, establishing a new procedure to vet both military and CIA targets.

Monday - 05/21/2012, 09:09pm EDT
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