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Egypt court upholds sentence for 3 activists

Egyptian appeals court upholds 3-year prison sentences for 3 prominent activists

Monday - 04/07/2014, 04:03pm EDT

Softer image helps far-right's gains in Hungary

Softer image, mainstream issues help Hungary's far-right Jobbik party make election gains

Monday - 04/07/2014, 03:35pm EDT

A look at key points of Pistorius' testimony

Oscar Pistorius answers questions in court: A glance at his emotional testimony

Monday - 04/07/2014, 02:38pm EDT

Wails, sobs: Rwanda marks 20 years since genocide

Amid sorrowful wails, terrified screams, Rwanda commemorates 20 years since start of genocide

Monday - 04/07/2014, 02:25pm EDT

Guinea: Airport passengers screened for Ebola

Guinea: Airport passengers screened for Ebola as French doctors oversee boarding procedures

Monday - 04/07/2014, 02:08pm EDT

Nigeria commission fines agency in killings

Nigerian rights commission fines security agency in unlawful killings in Abuja raid

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:50pm EDT

Srebrenica widows sue Dutch government

Srebrenica mothers, widows sue Dutch government for failure to protect their men in massacre

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:16pm EDT

New museum to open celebrating John Paul II

New museum of Polish-born Pope John Paul II to open weeks before his elevation to sainthood

Monday - 04/07/2014, 01:06pm EDT

Airline passenger attempts suicide during flight

Passenger attempts suicide by cutting himself inside airplane toilet on Dubai-India flight

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Sri Lanka refuses cooperation with UN-backed probe

Sri Lanka refuses to cooperate with UN-backed war crimes probe, calls rights chief prejudiced

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Airlines say cost to factor in tracking standards

Global airline group says costs will factor in global tracking standards

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:18pm EDT

German collector in deal on handling of art hoard

German authorities reach agreement with reclusive collector on handling of art hoard case

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Ex-Mali prime minister: Government is incompetent

Former Malian prime minister says he resigned because government is dysfunctional, incompetent

Monday - 04/07/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Pope backs scandal-plagued Vatican Bank to operate

Scandal-dogged Vatican Bank can still help pope carry out world-wide mission, Francis decides

Monday - 04/07/2014, 11:40am EDT

First women joining Palestinian commando unit

Women trailblazers join Palestinian commando unit, signaling gradual change in gender roles

Monday - 04/07/2014, 11:38am EDT

German far-right party hit by sex scandal

German far-right party's No. 2 quits in scandal over phallic cake, porn actress

Monday - 04/07/2014, 11:30am EDT

Saudi Prince Bandar to resume intelligence post

Saudi Prince Bandar to resume role post-surgery as intelligence chief with Syrian dossier

Monday - 04/07/2014, 10:47am EDT

Fukushima children start school, flee radiation

Fukushima children start school away from radiation in city where Chernobyl doctor is mayor

Monday - 04/07/2014, 10:14am EDT

Officials: Suicide attack kills 5 people in Iraq

Iraqi officials: Suicide car bomb kills 5 people north of Baghdad

Monday - 04/07/2014, 09:50am EDT

Clashes in south Lebanon Palestinian camp kill 7

Security officials: Clashes in Palestinian camp in south Lebanon kill 7

Monday - 04/07/2014, 09:46am EDT
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