Leaked cables chilled US human rights efforts

State Dept. witness says cables leaked by Manning chilled US human rights efforts

Friday - 08/02/2013, 06:49pm EDT

Man awaiting hearing bolts from courthouse

Man awaiting hearing bolts from courthouse, is caught in locked-down school's parking lot

Thursday - 08/01/2013, 06:40pm EDT

State Dept. 'horrified' by WikiLeaks releases

State Dept. witness says officials were 'horrified' by WikiLeaks' release of diplomatic cables

Thursday - 08/01/2013, 06:30pm EDT

US pursuit of leakers aided by Manning verdict

Manning's convictions over WikiLeaks disclosures boost government's pursuit of leakers

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 10:24pm EDT

General: Manning leaks fractured US relationships

Ex-Army general: Bradley Manning's leaks fractured US relationships with Afghan villagers

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 07:36pm EDT

From obscurity, Manning became polarizing symbol

From obscurity, Bradley Manning became polarizing symbol: Hero to some, traitor to others

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 03:48pm EDT

Manning guilty of 20 charges, not aiding the enemy

Manning avoids conviction on most serious charge, faces 136 years in prison for other counts

Wednesday - 07/31/2013, 04:08am EDT

Annapolis installing credit card parking meters

Historic District in Annapolis getting credit card parking meters; price to double

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 11:09pm EDT

Some of the fallout from Manning-WikiLeaks case

Some fallout from the Bradley Manning-WikiLeaks case; he faces up to 136 years in prison

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 07:35pm EDT

NJ detective faces 1st-degree murder in road rage

NJ police officer indicted on 1st-degree murder charge in Md. road-rage killing

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 04:59pm EDT

NJ man indicted on 1st-degree murder in road rage

NJ police officer indicted on 1st-degree murder charge in Md. road-rage killing

Tuesday - 07/30/2013, 04:20pm EDT

Verdict reached in WikiLeaks court-martial

Verdict reached in WikiLeaks court-martial; judge says it will be read Tuesday afternoon

Monday - 07/29/2013, 05:29pm EDT

Little girl tumbles from 2nd-floor window in Arnold

Anne Arundel County fire officials say a 6-year-old girl was seriously injured when she fell from a bedroom window at a home in Arnold.

Monday - 07/29/2013, 09:46am EDT

Judge deliberates in GI's WikiLeaks trial

Deliberations begin in WikiLeaks trial after judge hears final words from both sides

Sunday - 07/28/2013, 06:10am EDT

Fort Meade commander to leave after 2 years

he commander of Fort Meade near Baltimore is getting ready to leave after two years.

Saturday - 07/27/2013, 05:55pm EDT

Manning arguments wrap up; judge to deliberate

Closing arguments wrap up in Bradley Manning trial; judge weighs evidence before ruling

Saturday - 07/27/2013, 02:58am EDT

BWI to expand for international travel

New options for international travel appear headed to the region as Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) grows.

Friday - 07/26/2013, 08:28am EDT

Md. man enters Alford plea to rape charge

Md. man enters Alford plea to rape charge; prosecutors will seek 30-year sentence

Friday - 07/26/2013, 12:43am EDT

Prosecutors: Manning abused his country's trust

In final arguments, prosecutors say Manning's only mission was to spill secrets to WikiLeaks

Thursday - 07/25/2013, 09:12pm EDT

Starting high school later may help sleepy teens

Decades of sleep research have confirmed what parents know: It's hard for teenagers to wake up early. Some high schools have adopted later starts but other districts say it's too complicated to shift schedules

Thursday - 07/25/2013, 03:04pm EDT
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