Prosecutor: Diplomat ordered Monaco heiress killed

Prosecutor: Polish diplomat ordered the killing of his mother-in-law, a Monaco heiress

Friday - 06/27/2014, 01:27pm EDT

EU deals could stoke growth, reform

EU trade agreements offer Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia chance for growth, better government

Friday - 06/27/2014, 12:46pm EDT

Russia warns Europe over re-selling gas to Ukraine

Russia warns it could limit supplies to European customers who would pump gas back to Ukraine

Friday - 06/27/2014, 12:26pm EDT

Ireland's ex-richest man ordered to sell assets

Ireland's former richest man, Anthony O'Reilly, ordered to sell assets as creditors circle

Friday - 06/27/2014, 11:58am EDT

EU leaders clash over limits on budgets and debt

EU leaders at odds over bid by Italy, Belgium, others to ease bloc's budget, debt rules

Friday - 06/27/2014, 11:44am EDT

German court frees alleged ex-guerrilla

German court rejects Chile's request to extradite alleged ex-guerrilla

Friday - 06/27/2014, 10:00am EDT

Bulgarian parties agree on Oct. 5 snap poll

Bulgaria to hold early parliamentary elections on Oct. 5

Friday - 06/27/2014, 09:31am EDT

UN: 110,000 fled Ukraine for Russia this year

UN: 110,000 have fled Ukraine for Russia this year amid fighting between govt, separatists

Friday - 06/27/2014, 08:31am EDT

EU warns against business in Israeli settlements

EU warns against doing business in Israeli settlements, cites legal, economic and image risks

Friday - 06/27/2014, 08:01am EDT

Thousands flee Ukraine for Russia; truce nears end

Thousands flee Ukraine for safety in Russia as shaky cease-fire is set to expire

Friday - 06/27/2014, 04:30am EDT

Mourning millions: EU leaders mark WWI centennial

European leaders mark 100th anniversary of start of World War I, vow to preserve peace

Friday - 06/27/2014, 01:32am EDT

Britain's Cameron isolated in EU leader search

Britain's Cameron isolated fighting his corner in search for new EU leader, push for reforms

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 11:22pm EDT

Calling Dame Judi: UK needs new MI6 spy chief

Where is M when you need her? UK seeks new MI6 chief spymaster as John Sawers steps down

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 02:36pm EDT

Germany eases immigration rules for Ukrainian Jews

Germany eases immigration rules for Jews from Ukraine amid reports of surging anti-Semitism

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Royal refurb: Palace repairs add to monarchy cost

Royal refurb: Palace repairs helped push taxpayer cost of British monarchy above $60 million

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 11:26am EDT

Probe: BBC star used hospitals for serial abuse

BBC celebrity roamed hospitals seeking out abuse victims, ages 5 to 75, probe finds

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 11:25am EDT

Kosovo police detain 3 terrorism suspects

Police in Kosovo detain 3 suspected of leading a terrorist group inspired by radical Islamism

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 11:00am EDT

Spain's ex-king nears regaining lost immunity

Immunity lost: Spain's former king takes step toward legal protections given up at abdication

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 10:50am EDT

UN: Strong odds of El Nino's return by end of year

UN: Strong odds of El Nino weather event's return by end of year, bringing more warming

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 10:21am EDT

UN: drug abuse stable but Afghan opium a concern

UN report says global drug use stagble but rising Afghan opium production cause for concern

Thursday - 06/26/2014, 09:50am EDT
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