Iran confirms US Coast Guard fired at fishing boat

Iran confirms US Coast Guard fired at Iranian fishing boat, insists there was no 'clash'

Updated 37 minutes, 37 seconds ago

Farm worker faces No. 2 Republican for House seat

Farm worker challenges No. 2 McCarthy for House seat, seeks 'straight answer' on immigration

Updated 37 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Obama going on Democratic fundraising trifecta

Obama to raise money for Democrats during fundraising sweep of New York state, Rhode Island

Updated 37 minutes, 43 seconds ago

China military shows off newest helicopters, tanks

China shows off newest attack helicopters, tanks at multinational live-firing exercises

Updated 37 minutes, 45 seconds ago

Bahrain: No invitation to expelled US diplomat

Bahrain denies extending invitation to previously expelled US diplomat

Updated 37 minutes, 47 seconds ago

Papua New Guinea volcano erupts, locals evacuate

Papua New Guinea volcano eruption leads to local evacuations and some flight diversions

Updated 38 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Beer gardens helping Milwaukee County budgets

Prost! Beer gardens, alcohol in parks helping strapped budgets in Milwaukee, elsewhere

Updated 38 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Gun tourism grows in popularity in recent years

Uzi killing in Arizona displays tragic side of gun tourism as it grows in popularity

Updated 38 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Mexico operations thwart child, family migrants

Mexico's new enforcement cuts off route for Central American family and child migrants

Updated 38 minutes, 20 seconds ago

California Legislature passes 'yes means yes' bill

California Legislature passes bill changing consent mandate for college rape investigations

Updated 39 minutes, 01 seconds ago

Russia replies to Canada's colorful map tweet

O really, Canada? Russia responds after Canada's tweet mocks Russia with colorful map

Updated 39 minutes, 03 seconds ago

Obama sets no timeline for action on immigration

Obama reiterates pledge to act on immigration if Congress doesn't, but sets no timeline

Updated 39 minutes, 04 seconds ago

A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades in S. Korea

Pooches in a pot? Pet-mad young Koreans say no to elders' taste for dog, prefer to raise pups

Updated 39 minutes, 23 seconds ago

UN Security Council members lament Ukraine crisis

UN Security Council has emergency session on Ukraine crisis; Power says Russia 'outright lied'

Updated 39 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Clinton says frayed trust led to Ferguson violence

Hillary Clinton: Frayed bonds of trust led to 18-year-old's shooting death, violent protests

Updated 39 minutes, 32 seconds ago

A look at US, European sanctions on Russia

US weighs more sanctions on Moscow as tanks cross into Ukraine from Russia

Updated 39 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Obama touts revised economic growth numbers

Obama promotes revised economic growth numbers, says 'reasons to feel good'

Updated 39 minutes, 46 seconds ago

US warplanes bomb targets in northern Iraq

US fighters conduct 5 airstrikes in northern Iraq, hitting Islamic State targets

Updated 39 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Texas abuzz about possible Perry-Cruz 2016 battle

Texas abuzz about possible Perry-Cruz battle for GOP presidential nomination in 2016

Updated 39 minutes, 58 seconds ago

Apple loses bid to block sales of 9 Samsung phones

Federal judge rejects Apple's request to block US sales of Samsung phones that copied iPhone

Updated 40 minutes, 13 seconds ago
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