Obama: 'America's possibilities are limitless'

In his inaugural address, President Obama noted the country's continuing economic struggles and said that America can't succeed when only a few at the top do well. The country's prosperity must rest on a rising middle class. Full Story

Presidents and God

When it comes to celebrating the start of a president's term, God has played a role in nearly every inauguration since George Washington. Full Story

The Inaugural Balls

Photos from the 2013 Inaugural Balls. Full Story

Inauguration Day by the numbers

Here's a breakdown of Inauguration Day by the numbers. Full Story

Images of the 2013 inauguration

Photos of President Barack Obama's second inauguration from the ceremonial swearing-in to the frosty crowds. Full Story

Concern raised over portable toilet shortage at inauguration

Spectators at the inauguration will have to brave the cold, but will they also have to brave a lack of portable toilets?

Friday - 01/18/2013, 01:16pm EST

Local astronauts, dogs and marching band members prepare for inaugural parade

Nearly 3,000 groups applied to perform in the 2013 presidential inaugural parade on Monday -- more than twice the number that applied to march in President Barack Obama's first inaugural parade. From that number, four local groups got a bid to march.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 12:50pm EST

How to be part of WTOP's inaugural coverage

With improvements in smartphones and the explosion of social media, WTOP would like to include what you see and experience on Inauguration Day in its coverage.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 11:53am EST

Social media: Covering the inauguration

Follow WTOP's social media coverage of the inauguration.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 11:51am EST

Weather doesn't always cooperate on Inauguration Day

Winter has not been kind to many presidents and the inaugural committees in charge of coordinating the day's events. We have a list of the worst Inaugural Day weather.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 11:33am EST

SI school chorus heading to inauguration

SI school chorus heading to DC for presidential inauguration

Friday - 01/18/2013, 08:58am EST

Obama swag hits the shelves as inauguration nears

Throughout the Presidential Inaugural Committee store in downtown D.C., shoppers from all over the world gather to claim their inauguration swag.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 08:53am EST

2 from Petersburg to attend inauguration

2 Petersburg residents heading to Washington for President Barack Obama's inauguration

Friday - 01/18/2013, 08:48am EST

For some, bus may be better option to inauguration

Before heading to Monday's swearing-in ceremony and parade, consider inauguration transportation carefully.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 07:02am EST

Test your knowledge of inaugural history

"We often look at American history, and presidential history, and how they parallel each other. It's a way we mark our story -- our national story," says Harry Rubenstein, curator with the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 06:52am EST

Dulles closes runway to accommodate private planes

There are enough people arriving by private planes for the inauguration that Dulles International Airport has to clear out space for them to park.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 06:02am EST

Can Obama keep warmer inauguration weather pledge?

After a downright cold first inauguration, will Washington warm to Obama's second swearing in?

Friday - 01/18/2013, 04:18am EST

4 enlisted troops picked for inaugural ball dance

An Air Force medical technician who served in Afghanistan has been chosen to dance with President Barack Obama at an inaugural ball Monday night

Friday - 01/18/2013, 02:28am EST

Metro: Fewer crowded trains on Inauguration Day

On Inauguration Day, "all aboard" is more wishful than realistic on some Metro platforms.

Friday - 01/18/2013, 01:18am EST

4 enlisted troops picked for inaugural ball dance

4 enlisted troops who served in wars picked to dance with Obamas and Bidens at inaugural ball

Friday - 01/18/2013, 01:10am EST

Obamas mark first lady's birthday dining Italian

President Obama fetes first lady for 49th birthday at dinner at Georgetown Italian restaurant

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 08:50pm EST

Obama inauguration playlist: Beyonce, Wonder, fun.

Obama's inauguration playlist includes Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Usher, fun.

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 04:02pm EST

By the numbers: Obama's second-term inauguration

By the numbers: Obama's inauguration smaller than last time, but still a grand affair

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 03:08pm EST

Obama names 8 citizens to highlight his successes

Obama chooses 8 as inauguration 'citizen co-chairs' to highlight his 1st term accomplishments

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 02:48pm EST

Metro to sell Inauguration Day passes this weekend

Metro to sell commemorative Inauguration Day passes at 9 stations on Sunday

Thursday - 01/17/2013, 01:40pm EST
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